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1198Re: MLDBM error

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  • Josh Chamas
    May 14 3:07 PM
      Tim Pushor wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I am having a weird problem. We had a server that was running a few
      > Apache::ASP applications - had being the key word. After upgrading
      > apache, and rebuiding with the newest mod_perl, I installed the lastest
      > Apache::ASP from CPAN (using the bundle), which installed MLDBM.
      > Now, when I try to access one of the sites, I get the '500' error, and
      > the apache log shows:
      > ...

      > AddHandler perl-script .html
      > PerlHandler Apache::ASP
      > PerlSetVar Global /var/spool/www/csa-pdk/global
      > PerlSetVar StateDir /tmp
      > PerlSetVar CookiePath /
      > PerlSetVar SessionTimeout 10
      > PerlSetVar AllowSessionState 0
      > PerlSetVar AllowApplicationState 0
      > PerlSetVar FileUploadTemp 1

      Set either NoState to 1, or AllowSessionState to Off,
      and AllowApplicationState to Off.

      Per a previous post, it seems that 0 values may not be getting returned
      properly from dir_config() settings.


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