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1172Re: ASP-Object in PerlAuth Handler

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  • Josh Chamas
    May 5, 2003
      Dr. Helmut Zeilinger wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I get the Apache::ASP object in a ModPerl PerlAuthenHandler via
      > (as described in the manual):
      > <Perl>
      > use Apache::ASP;
      > sub My::Auth::handler {
      > my $r = shift;
      > my $ASP = Apache::ASP->new($r)
      > my $Session = $ASP->Session;
      > }
      > </Perl>

      If you want to prevent the ASP $Request object from reading form POST data,
      then you could precede the object construction with:

      sub My::Auth::handler {
      local $ENV{CONTENT_LENGTH} = 0;
      my $ASP = Apache::ASP->new($r);

      ASP $Request uses that value to determine whether it reads data from POST.

      We might also create a config for this that could be set like:

      $r->dir_config('AllowRequest', 'Off');

      so that you can prevent the Request object from being created in the first

      Certainly it seems that this can be improved on.... perhaps ASP objects created
      across different mod_perl stages would end reusing previously created
      Request objects ? I'll need to look at this for a better long term fix,
      and am open to ideas.


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