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1167Re: config for a mod_redirect / virt host environment

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  • Peter Galbavy
    Apr 28, 2003
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      Josh Chamas wrote:
      > Apache::ASP is based on mod_perl, and the idea is that the perl
      > environment persists for speed. Because of this, I believe it would
      > unsafe to generally share in a virtual hosted environment, because
      > one user could affect another users output or read another users
      > data. I would suggest instead you
      > look at CGI mode running of Apache::ASP scripts which can have per
      > user
      > CGI security, again something that mod_perl does not offer. It is
      > much much slower, but it might work well enough for your users.

      All the users are 'trustworthy' customers. I am not worried about
      inter/intra server security at this stage. That's for the future. I just
      need to replace embperl with something a little better.


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