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1132Re: RFC: - in XMLSubs tag names

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  • Philip Mak
    Apr 2, 2003
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      On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 07:53:58PM +0200, Fagyal, Csongor wrote:
      > >I would like to allow for - in XMLSubs tag names by converting
      > >them to underscore "_" automatically when converted to perl subroutine
      > >names.
      > >dash or "-" is not allowed in perl subroutine names which prevents them
      > >from being used in XMLSubs tag currently.

      I've only used XMLSubs a little (basically, just to replace
      <!--#include-->), but here's my two cents:

      I believe I think tags with '-' in their name is seen from time to
      time in normal XML, so it would make sense for XMLSubs to support this

      > Sounds nice, but what if you have both <my:table-sql/> and
      > <my:table_sql> ?

      Then both of them would map to table_sql(), I suppose, since
      table-sql() cannot exist.

      It *is* inconsistent for the Perl subroutine name to not match the XML
      tag name, and this can cause a bit of confusion, but this may be the
      lesser of two evils if having tags with '-' is important.

      > What about converting '-' to '__' ? (That is two '_' -s).

      I think that makes it even more confusing.

      Another thought: Isn't a subroutine name just a string? Is there
      really no way to force Perl to allow a - in the name, by escaping it

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