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1120Re: switch for dont read global.asa?

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  • joel reed
    Mar 31, 2003
      >>so, i'm wondering "how do i tell Apache::ASP to just
      >>ignore global.asa? (instead of processing it)" could you say
      >>if AllowApplicationState=0, we will not process global.asa
      >>even if there is one?

      >No, you can try setting Global configuration to an empty
      >so avoid global.asa from being compiled. Under what conditions
      >do you need to avoid using the global.asa that comes with your

      just back from dublin, sorry for the delay! i was hoping
      i could encapsulate/hide the IIS behavior of
      $Server->MapPath(".") behind a global.asa only run by IIS,
      not Apache::ASP. thanks for the suggestion!


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