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1114Re: switch for dont read global.asa?

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  • Josh Chamas
    Mar 25, 2003
      joel reed wrote:
      > Hi Joshua & Others,
      > $Application->MapPath("./") returns a path on IIS, whereas
      > on Apache::ASP it returns path+default file

      The $Server->MapPath API relies on Apache->lookup_uri method,
      and this is simply its behavior, and I do not know of a work around.

      > so, i'm wondering "how do i tell Apache::ASP to just
      > ignore global.asa? (instead of processing it)" could you say
      > if AllowApplicationState=0, we will not process global.asa
      > even if there is one?

      No, you can try setting Global configuration to an empty directory,
      so avoid global.asa from being compiled. Under what conditions
      do you need to avoid using the global.asa that comes with your application?



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