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1005Re: multipart email using $Server->Mail

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  • Philip Mak
    Feb 4, 2003
      Fernando Munoz wrote:
      > has anyone tried successfully to send "Content-type:
      > multipart/alternative" email using the $Server->Mail object? I'm
      > trying to send email with boundaries for text and html portions.
      > I've already have html working with no problem but when I try to put
      > both formats in a message body I always end receiving a whole text
      > (including html code) email (I've tried several email clients). I'd
      > appreciate an example.

      You might also try sending yourself an HTML and text e-mail with an
      HTML e-mail client, and looking at the raw source that it generates.

      Then, compare it with what you are generating with $Server->Mail; you
      might find what the problem is.

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