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1004Re: multipart email using $Server->Mail

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  • Josh Chamas
    Feb 4, 2003
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      Fernando Munoz wrote:
      > has anyone tried successfully to send "Content-type: multipart/alternative"
      > email using the $Server->Mail object? I'm trying to send email with
      > boundaries for text and html portions. I've already have html working with
      > no problem but when I try to put both formats in a message body I always end
      > receiving a whole text (including html code) email (I've tried several email
      > clients). I'd appreciate an example.

      I have not done this from within Apache::ASP, but it seems possible
      that you could use the MIME::Lite API, and insert the right content
      into $Server->Mail() usage, or you could use MIME::Lite->send()
      to send the message directly.

      You might also try the MIME::Lite->body_as_string() API and add that
      to the Body passed to $Server->Mail, but you might also have to add
      some special headers as well.

      Whatever your solution, if you could post what you come up with,
      that would be educational for all.


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