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[ap-ug] Too Bright?

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  • Rob Hunt
    two fairly unusual occurrences have teamed up to provide me with an unforgettable experience thru the traveler. radian eyepieces - so liberating they obviate
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 1999
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      two fairly unusual occurrences have teamed up to provide me with an unforgettable experience thru the traveler.   radian eyepieces - so liberating they obviate a need for barlows - have a FEW special needs of their own.  the eyelens is huge on these babies and a certain amount of schmutz is bound to accumulate.  on a longer lens this stuff is hardly a bother but with the tiny exit pupils of the 3 and 4 radian it is unacceptable.  these lenses need to be brushed frequently and really cleaned pretty often i think.  so i decided now was a good time to clean EVERYTHING.  the traveler (which sees action every day) had a fine layer of pollen that has outlived its use as a yellow-green filter for mars work.  it cleaned up pretty shiny and it's back in service.
      my pond is home (and way station) to many critters and i get a good look at all of them with the 105 on the wimberley mount.  most are more or less the color of their surroundings - tawny browns or darker markings that allow them to blend in and relax a little.  my latest visitor is hearing none of it.  this GREAT EGRET is the color of bleached toilet paper -  almost blue-white in its brilliance.  its profile was very keen and the sun was high behind me.  the sheer QUANTITY of light hitting my eye was forcing me to blink and yet there was no trace of color along this bird's back. SPECTACULAR!  i watched him patrol the far bank (200 yards) at 28x with every detail cutting like a blade as he fished for the fingerlings that usually go to the kingfishers.  he would turn toward me or away with a corresponding RELIEF from the intensity of his plumage but suddenly once again BLINDING when he turned back along the bank.  i get several waders in my pond but few that warrant comparison to venus in twilight!
      robert hunt
      andover new jersey
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