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Saturn 04/01

jrogers11@... http://saturn.cstoneind.com Regards, Chris Christopher and Vicky Go Christone Industries Manufacturer and Exporter of Quality
Christopher Go
5:22 PM

WTB: AP 10" F14.6 Maksutov-Cassegrain

Looking to buy an AP 10ö Mak-Cass Thank you for your consideration. John M. Karian Franklin, PA (814)671-7678 wetlandsplendors@...
John Karian
4:08 PM

Re: 20 days later...

Spreading the wings... Nice! Ignacio
8:51 AM

Re: 20 days later...

Hi Ignacio, The juveniles still have a weeks to go before the first flight. Mom and Dad really spend considerable time these days catching food to fuel those
Pete Lardizabal
8:28 AM

Re: 20 days later...

Late on this one, Pete, so it must be a fully grown adult eagle by now! Truly impressive how these birds develop. No wonder how mom needs to keep up with
7:24 AM

Re: Jupiter 04/01 GRS and Io

Really sharp! Rolando ... From: Christopher Go chris@... [ap-ug] To: QCUIAG ; philastro-forum
7:04 AM

Jupiter 04/01 GRS and Io

It was very cloudy today. I fortunate that there was a short clearing. Seeing was good but transparency was poor. I was only able to get a set of RGB and
Christopher Go
5:27 AM

Re: RH : the rest of imaging train, focuser, guider and rotator

Max, let us know how you proceed and what your results are. Jim
James Janusz
Mar 31

Astro-Physics 160 EDF offered for sale

Dear group members, I am looking to sell my Astro-Physics 160 mm Starfire EDF scope. I’ll be selling it with the f/7.7 CCD Field Flattener, scope rings (an
Mar 31

Re: RH : the rest of imaging train, focuser, guider and rotator

Thanks, I have a 3" pyxis which I hope to use. Max
Mar 31

Jupiter 03/31 GRS and Ganymede

The sky was overcast early this evening. But it cleared up at around 8:30pm. Seeing was excellent but I had to deal with strong gusty winds. Note the strange
Christopher Go
Mar 31

Re: RH : the rest of imaging train, focuser, guider and rotator

You can manually rotate by loosening/tightening the three Allen screws of the Atlas focuser's Zero Tilt Adapter. Alternatively you could mount an Optec Pyxis 3
Mar 30

Re: 20 days later...

Thank You Alan, Stuart, José, Jim, Anthony, Chris and Scott! These Eagles have become such a hit at the new nest local. The two juveniles are "waking up"
Pete Lardizabal
Mar 30

Re: RH : the rest of imaging train, focuser, guider and rotator

Looks great Daniel. Do have any ability frame shots ( rotation) or is it fixed? Max
Mar 30

Re: 20 days later...

Wow! Scott Hammonds www.creatorsview.com Sent from my iPad
Scott Hammonds
Mar 30
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