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Exploring Orion

Just trying my hand at some DSO Imaging. I am very early on the learning curve so I am keeping things simple as possible, recognizing that better results will
7:43 AM

Re: NGC925 Reprocessed

Much sharper than the last version. Have the colors changed slightly? Great improvement, amazing result! Dan
Feb 5

NGC925 Reprocessed

Hi, I took a second look at my data for this image and found out I had two sub exposures that were REALLY bad. They almost looked like a flat frame. I removed
Bernard Miller
Feb 4

Re: Stowaway on AM

They're not that heavy. I pick mine up once a week.~8^)
Feb 3

Yahoo Test

Sorry for the junk if this goes thru. I seem to be able to post only to groups I moderate. Does anyone have an idea why that would happen? I have a new
James Janusz
Feb 2

Jupiter 02/02

It was raining all night but it cleared around midnight. Seeing was good but it was very windy. Humidity was high and I had to use my dew shield which made
Christopher Go
Feb 2

Re: NGC925

Very nice result, Dan! best, Bernhard Hubl www.ccdguide.com http://www.ccdguide.com
Feb 2

Re: CEDIC team goes Chile II - Part #2 (South of Orion)

Hello Dan, Thank you very much for your nice feedback! best, Bernhard Hubl www.ccdguide.com http://www.ccdguide.com
Feb 2

Re: Stowaway on AM

Rats ;P Pete ... Rats ;P Pete On Feb 2, 2016, at 12:55 PM, 'Chris Cook' chris@... [ap-ug] < ap-ug@yahoogroups.com > wrote: Hi guys, I wish it was me.
Pete Lardizabal
Feb 2

Re: Stowaway on AM

Hi guys, I wish it was me. I saw the ad a little too late. :( Someone is a happy camper though. Chris ... From: "Pete Lardizabal p14@... [ap-ug]"
Chris Cook
Feb 2

Re: Stowaway on AM

Congrats! We need pix... 🔭 Pete ... Congrats! We need pix... 🔭 Pete On Feb 2, 2016, at 11:33 AM, 'Chris Cook' chris@... [ap-ug]
Pete Lardizabal
Feb 2

Stowaway on AM

Someone just picked up a 90mm f7. Chris
Chris Cook
Feb 2

Re: Mark V Binocular Viewer On Newtonian - Prism or Mirror Diagonal?

Peter, Remove the diagonal. It's not needed on a Newt. Best, Joe Castoro
Feb 1

Re: NGC925

Bernard, I really like this shot. At first I wondered about the colour of the galaxy but looking at it in PI it looks great. Unusual blue but it seems to be
Stuart Heggie
Feb 1

Re: IC 405 with GTX

That's a very beautiful rendering of this object. Rolando ... From: dragracingdan@... [ap-ug] To: ap-ug
Feb 1
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