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Re: HD Video of the eclipse ignacio -- that is wonderful. i took a sequence of still images of the event with a Canon 6D. getting the exposures correct was a continuous challenge
12:14 PM
Re: HD Video of the eclipse You are so far to the south of my location, but close by email, I lost track of where the Moon would be for you at the end of totality! :) A quick check of Sky
11:46 AM
Re: HD Video of the eclipse Thank you so much, Roland, Mike, Alan and Pete. Yea, I enjoyed a beautiful night :^)) Pete: I think what you are seeing is mostly a worsening seeing (no pun
10:53 AM
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Re: HD Video of the eclipse Very nice Ignacio! Looks like you had a nice sky to work with. My sky was a mix of clouds and a thin lamina of murky cloud cover. Overall a dark view from my
10:37 AM
Re: HD Video of the eclipse Ignacio, Marvelous! Thanks so much for sharing. We got clouded out, so it is much appreciated. Clear skies, Alan
Alan French
10:29 AM
Re: RAPAS and my new scope I noticed they have several of the 2 meter sets..... BINOSCOPE ... I noticed they have several of the 2 meter sets..... BINOSCOPE On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 8:12
Mike C
10:24 AM
Re: HD Video of the eclipse wonderfully done
Mike C
10:22 AM
Re: HD Video of the eclipse Very cool! Thanks for posting. Rolando ... From: ignacio To: ap-ug Sent: Wed, Apr 16, 2014 11:29 am Subject:
9:54 AM
HD Video of the eclipse Gents, For those of you who might have missed it, here is a hi-def video of the event, taken with a barlowed GT, and a canon 6D. Four and a half hours
9:29 AM
Re: RAPAS and my new scope ... The “buy it now” price on this auction is at $686,000.00 I’ll be curious to see if it get sold. Rodolphe ... --
Rodolphe Pineau
9:12 AM
Re: Sh2-263 Bernard, Forget the e-mail about being too light. I just pulled it up on my observatory computer and it looks great. I really need to get a handle on these
Steve Reilly
6:58 AM
Re: RAPAS and my new scope Rolando, All kidding aside, any thoughts on the pricing for these optics? Just curious Anthony.
Anthony Ayiomamitis
6:18 AM
Re: RAPAS and my new scope Haha! ... From: Anthony Ayiomamitis To: ap-ug Sent: Wed, Apr 16, 2014 6:50 am Subject: [ap-ug] RAPAS and my new
6:13 AM
RAPAS and my new scope Rolando, A friend sent me the following link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Telescope-Mirror-Sets-2-meter-Primary-and-Secondary-NEVER-USED-/331177759145 .... do you
Anthony Ayiomamitis
4:50 AM
Re: Sh2-263 Hello Bernard, Very interesting nebula with nice colour contrasts! Thanks for sharing. Bernhard
10:39 PM
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Sh2-263 Hi, This is an image of SH2-263. This is a nice little emission and reflection nebula about 1,300 light years away in the constellation Orion. I gathered the
Bernard Miller
10:12 PM
Re: First light Nice image Charlie. Good luck with your setup. Bernard From: ap-ug@yahoogroups.com [mailto:ap-ug@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of sallydog@... Sent:
Bernard Miller
3:29 PM
Re: First light NICE! Rolando ... From: sallydog To: ap-ug Sent: Tue, Apr 15, 2014 11:38 am Subject: [ap-ug] First light At
2:39 PM
Re: AP 130GT on eBay Ask seller for serial number. My personal approach is no serial number means I can't check with Astro-Physics equals not even the remotest thought of bidding -
2:25 PM
Re: AP 130GT on eBay Funny... it says you can get a "Square Trade" warranty on the scope for about $500........ that would sure be a relief if it needed service....
Mike C
2:09 PM
Re: AP 130GT on eBay Derek and Dean, I did not even bother to read the description and the questionable text. My mistake. Anthony.
Anthony Ayiomamitis
1:05 PM
Re: AP 130GT on eBay I was typing my message at the same time as Dean. I'll bet this is a more sophisticated version of the scam used for the 6" f/12 that kept getting shut down.
Derek Wong
Apr 15
Re: AP 130GT on eBay Anytime I see an item with a direct contact at a G.mail account I suspect a scam. Be careful ;) ... From: Anthony Ayiomamitis Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Dean S
Apr 15
AP 130GT on eBay Folks, Anyone looking for an AP 130GT may wish to look on eBay and at
Anthony Ayiomamitis
Apr 15
First light At least first camera light for me with this scope. Although I got it last year, I haven't put a camera on it until last night, since I don't have a permanent
Apr 15
Re: APO Aperture Air turbulence. Sometimes the turbulence in the air has the characteristics of one of those magic bubble wand soap toys that kids play with. Sometimes it
Gary Saunders
Apr 13
Re: APO Aperture I have a D&G 11" F12 and I stop the lens down all the time as it helps to improve color correction and the figure of the lens as it cools since I'm masking the
Apr 12
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Re: APO Aperture Stopping down a telescope with bad optics has been done for years. It also helps mitigate poor seeing somewhat.
Apr 12
APO Aperture I live in NE Illinois and have been out every clear night.morning with my 152mm APO viewing Jupiter, Mars, & Saturn. The seeing has not been good and pesky
Apr 12
Reprocessed M63 LRGB It was brought to my attention that the M63 image had an overall blue cast. I opened the image and looked at the histogram and then used curves to adjust just
Steve Reilly
Apr 11
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