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AOW Families Faceboo page

Dear All In case you have not yet heard about this - or like me lost the link, here is the Facebook page that was set up to stay in touch with all the families
Jan 8, 2014

anybody from Hunan

Is there anybody who adopted from Hunan, or from Loudi SWI more specifically? we have heard that one of kiddos who is from Loudi, Hunan may have been matched
Sep 25, 2013

Please vote for Lilly Trower

see here http://opalandjade.com/2013/06/16/one-proud-mama-sunday-snapshot/ Kirsten's post and Lilly's video please vote for Lilly -she deserves it. what an
Jun 16, 2013

Sweet Alec just turned 2!

Dear AOW families and friends, Our sweet Alec just turned 2 and still waits for his family to find him. Alec is a beautiful little boy with some challenges and
May 10, 2013


Hello! We just adopted a little boy from Guilin that spent some time at the House of Love (Gotcha Day 2/8/12). I would love to connect with other families who
angie dinn
Mar 2, 2012

Today's blog post RYLIE

Oh my goodness, I ADORE today's AOW blog post!!! I didn't even know Rylie had paperwork submitted. Her new family must be so thrilled to see that. I
Paula & Bryan Foster
Feb 3, 2012

Re: House of Love Referrals-Which agencies?

HI Jenn, we adopted a girl from AOW (clubfoot unit) in 2010. She was on the shared list, under multiple special needs (and she was from zhaotong) When she
Feb 1, 2012

member removed

The member Juli T that responded yesterday with yet another email address has been removed. Thanks for the heads up!
angie dinn
Feb 1, 2012

Re: House of Love Referrals-Which agencies?

Clinically Special Needs is Defined by any Child who is over the age of 3 years old or 36 monthes in age. In answer to your 'I am guessing question?' Anything
Juli T.
Jan 31, 2012

Re: House of Love Referrals-Which agencies?

I haven't noticed any trends either. Our daughter was shared list, but back in '09 before SF designation. Current kids are 2 with Lifeline, 1 CHI and 1
Paula & Bryan Foster
Jan 31, 2012

Re: House of Love Referrals-Which agencies?

Jenn, I haven't noticed any trend but I'd be interested in others' observations. You can though have any agency you are with look for specific children or
angie dinn
Jan 31, 2012

House of Love Referrals-Which agencies?

I hope I've researched the current SN program enough to ask this question in a way that makes sense... If not, please feel free to educate me. :) If a child
Jan 31, 2012

Re: 'Sarah' and AOW Blog Issue?

Hi Jenn, Thank you for your interest in Sarah....isn't she a doll!! Once our kiddos become available for adoption, we add them to our "Waiting for a Family "
Jan 24, 2012

Re: 'Sarah' and AOW Blog Issue?

Hi Jenn, Usually those at the HoL don't know when the kids are getting their paperwork ready for adoption. Not sure what is going on with the blog it seems to
angie dinn
Jan 24, 2012

'Sarah' and AOW Blog Issue?

Hello! Just curious if anyone knows if Sarah's paperwork is being prepared for adoption or if she is already on a shared list, etc.? In general, would the
Jan 24, 2012
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