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Re: I Am Still Here

Hey Kristi :) ( and group ) Nice to hear from you again. :) It's been pretty much the same with me in the last few months especially. :) At times it even gets
Sep 27, 2003

I Am Still Here

Hello Friends, It has been a very very long time since I have written here. Been very very busy with school and keeping on the top of things. I have also did
Aug 10, 2003

WOW !!

It's been awhile since I've been here. :O Is this group still alive?? I've been a member for ages, but with work, and just being busy and stuff. I kind of
Jul 11, 2003

Re: [Anxiety and Depression 101] Another shitty birthday

It matters little. When I place my head on my pillow and close my eyes I end up in a place where I have many friends. A place where I am comfortable. A place
Apr 20, 2003

Re: [Anxiety and Depression 101] Another shitty birthday

well I'm not your friend and I am wishing you a Happy-Birthday. I'm just wondering, how close are you to these people who don't acknowledge your birthday?
debbie henning
Apr 20, 2003

Another shitty birthday

Well, here it is one year later and another shitty birthday has come and gone. Only one of my friends has acknowledged my birthday. His birthday is about 3
Apr 19, 2003

More Changes

I do not want to sound like a whiney cry baby but lately cnanges have ocurred in my life since Grandpa Clarence died in February. It does not seem fair that
Apr 17, 2003

Re: [Anxiety and Depression 101] Anxiety is Coming and Going Often

sorry for your loss, remembering good times helps...Deb H Kristi wrote:It has not been the easiest six weeks in my life. On Feb. 15,
debbie henning
Mar 28, 2003

Anxiety is Coming and Going Often

It has not been the easiest six weeks in my life. On Feb. 15, my grandfather passed away and the shock of it all is starting to hit me real hard here. We are
Mar 28, 2003

How Is Everyone Doing?

How is everyoone?
Kristi <kristimary70@...>
Jan 26, 2003

School and Such

I began classes at a nearby college on the 13th of January and I can not believe that it is already the end of January. It almost scares me to see my days
Kristi <kristimary70@...>
Jan 26, 2003

(no subject)

I feel slightly fevered. Drained and sweaty. Toxins in my body seemed to have disappeared to a degree. There is now room for rest and replenishment. It is
Scott <skotnz@...>
Jan 9, 2003

Frustratuin is One Thing...

This is the first time I have been on line all day long. I had an appointment this morning about 10 a.m. and again at 1 p.m.. I almost did not get on line
Kristi M. Karnopp
Jan 9, 2003

(my) raw experience and self-esteem

The power has been cut off. I am currently in a situation where I have very little in the way of tools of distraction. What can I do when there is no power?
Scott <skotnz@...>
Jan 8, 2003

Re: [Anxiety and Depression 101] a bit late but...... MERRY CHRISTM

Hope you had a wonderful xmas as well and MAKE it a better New Year!.....Deb ticket_taker_25 wrote:Just want to wish everyone a
debbie henning
Dec 26, 2002
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