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Fw: [ceejobs] Call for Authors on Local Democracy

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  • Nicolae Sfetcu
    ... From: Craig Zelizer To: ; Laszlo Varadi ; Emil Boc
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2001
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      Subject: [ceejobs] Call for Authors on Local Democracy

      > Crossposted from LGI Announce ListFrom: Subject: Call for authors of
      > reports "Indicators of local democrat ic governance"
      > LGI is seeking authors of country reports to be written in the framework
      > a project titled "Indicators of Local Democratic Governance". Authors are
      > requested to apply from Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania. Tandem authors
      > from a country could also be considered by joint application. Please read
      > the attached Terms of Reference and send your application accordingly. As
      > the deadline of the reports will be short, only professionals who could
      > deliver products on time are encouraged to apply.
      > Please check the end of the message for contact information.
      > Report on the status of local democracy
      > Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania
      > Terms of Reference for country reports
      > 1. Background and objectives
      > The Fiscal Decentralization Initiative (FDI) is to assist transition
      > economies carrying out intergovernmental reform. The project titled
      > Indicators for Decentralization in CEE and fSU is to establish a uniform
      > framework for comparative local government analysis. The main goal of the
      > project is to develop a set of operational, flexible, and adaptable
      > indicators based on internationally recognized definitions and to publish
      > reports measuring the process of decentralization in the target countries.
      > The project has two arms: the Fiscal Design Across Levels of Government
      > project managed by OECD and Indicators of Democratic Local Governance
      > project managed by LGI/OSI.
      > The Indicators of Democratic Local Governance project intends to
      > regularly investigate the process of democratic decision making process in
      > local governments in the target countries. To design the conceptual
      > framework and carry out pilot research, LGI has established a partnership
      > with Tocqueville Research Center (T-RC), Budapest. In the first phase of
      > project, T-RC elaborated a concept paper and designed the key indicators.
      > the second phase, which is currently in progress, country teams are
      > completing survey research and gathering statistical data in four
      > (Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania). (For further information please visit
      > the website of T-RC: www.t-rc.org)
      > Based on the results of the field research, country reports will be
      > prepared and published.
      > 2. Scope of work
      > The country report is to discuss the democratic performance of local
      > governments in the related country. The report is to inform international
      > organizations, national governments and ministries, as well as
      > of local governments. The discussion should rely on a conceptual framework
      > developed in previous stages of the project and a set of knowledge the
      > generation of which is in progress. The reports on four target countries
      > with the concept paper will be published in a volume by LGI in cooperation
      > with FDI and T-RC.
      > The concept paper of the project designates major domains of democratic
      > governance and identifies indicators to measure them. The pilot research
      > gathering the available statistical data that bring information to certain
      > indicators. Moreover, a survey among chief notaries of local governments
      > being carried out in each target country for obtaining qualitative data
      > other indicators.
      > The country paper is:
      > * to follow the report outline agreed by T-RC and LGI and
      > diverge from it only based on preliminary discussion with T-RC
      > * to use the sources of information offered by the survey
      > research and statistical data in SPSS file and tables
      > * to draw on other information that could be relevant to
      > explain the results of the survey research (case studies, national
      > local surveys, secondary analysis, etc.).
      > T-RC will be responsible for editing the manuscript of the four country
      > reports. This may require intensive communication and exchange of drafts
      > between authors and T-RC. Draft country reports will be reviewed by
      > experts and then revised. In addition, T-RC will take responsibility for
      > preliminary quality control and accepting the revised report. The final
      > approval of the reports will be given by LGI research director. By the
      > closing workshop, T-RC and LGI will together identify the copy editor of
      > volume. The editing process may require from the report authors to provide
      > additional information and do minor revision during the summer of 2001.
      > book is to be published in the early fall of 2001.
      > 1. Implementation and author's responsibilities
      > The country chapter author is to take responsibility for the following
      > tasks:
      > * participate in a workshop in late March
      > * prepare a detailed outline of the country report by the March
      > workshop
      > * analyze survey research results (SPSS)
      > * collect additional data and information, complete secondary analysis
      > * revise the report according to reviewer's comments
      > * present the paper at the closing workshop
      > * cooperate with T-RC throughout the writing and review process
      > * cooperate with the copyeditor of the book (to be identified later)
      > 4. Timeline
      > Febr 20- March 15 Application and decision on country report authors
      > March 24-25 Workshop in Budapest and agreement of report outline
      > April 30 Draft reports are completed
      > May 15 Reviews gathered and sent to authors
      > May 31 Revised papers are completed
      > June, 2nd week Closing workshop
      > July-August Copy-editing the volume
      > 5. How to apply?
      > Send the following application materials:
      > * Comments on the draft country outline (max 3 pages). See:
      > * http://www.t-rc.org/ReportStructure.html
      > * CV, list of publications
      > * Writing sample (could be a manuscript in electronic format)
      > Deadline: March 10, 2001
      > Decision: March 15, 2001
      > Send the application to Violetta Zentai (LGI) in electronic format and
      > your writing sample by mail, if needed.
      > Violetta Zentai, Project Manager
      > Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative (LGI)
      > Open Society Institute, Budapest
      > Nador u. 11, Budapest, H-1052
      > P: 36 1 327 3104/2166
      > F: 36 1 327 3105
      > vzentai@...
      > www.osi.hu/lgi
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