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Re: [anubiasdesign] Re: Cardinal Woes: What did I do wrong?

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  • sherry sontag
    ... Pete,
    Message 1 of 38 , Jun 4, 2007
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      >why no bbs or frozen foods?

      > I couldn't possibly disagree more with you on this. I have never
      > considered cardinals a delicate fish, nor found them prone to
      > disease. The only part of your post I agree with is about water
      > chemistry. In my experience, water conditions are not particularly
      > relevant to this discussion unless you're trying to breed them. I
      > had the same level of success with them when I lived in Indiana and
      > Ohio with pH of 8.6 and water so hard that it was essentially liquid
      > rock as I do in PA with a pH of 6.5. The key is in getting fish
      > that are not so emaciated that they can't be saved. When they come
      > in emaciated, they're generally infested with diseases and parasites
      > as well because their extremely stressed and their resistance is
      > weakened. I have 3 sources that I've purchased cardinal tetras from
      > for the past 16 years. From those sources, my average loss on a
      > shipment (anywhere from 200-1500 fish) of cardinals is less than
      > 5%. The majority of the cardinals coming into the US are imported
      > from Colombia. They're cheaper to buy from Colombia but they're
      > almost never in good condition. The best cardinals are exported
      > from Manaus and I won't buy them from anywhere but there. It's very
      > unusual that I have a single doa when they come in to me. This is a
      > species that I don't typically medicate upon arrival. I start
      > feeding them with Ocean Nutrition flakes and they're usually all
      > taking it from the surface by day 2. I tend to stay away from live
      > and frozen bbs or any other saltwater-based food for smaller
      > tetras.
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      >> It is an inherent problem with Cardinals - a beautiful but
      > extremely
      >> delicate little fish that can simply be hard to establish...
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    • Charles & Sue Harrison
      Hello Kevin W. Conway I live in St Louis, Give us an email: Charles@inkmkr.com -- }} {{ Change as much water as
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        Re: [anubiasdesign] MO clubs?
        Hello Kevin W. Conway

        I live in St Louis,
        Give us an email:

        }}<{{{¿>    <*{{(((>{{
        Change as much water as often as you can!
        Charles Harrison in St Louis
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