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RE: [anubiasdesign] fish order

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  • michael@meyer.net
    Mark, I would be interested in oipas. I would do 10 of them amd 6 of the sterbais. Mike. ... From: anubiasdesign@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 31, 2006
      Mark, I would be interested in oipas.  I would do 10 of them amd 6 of the sterbais.
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      Hey Gang,
      There is some interest in the large Cory sterbai and oiapoquensis, but not enough for me to order them yet.  I'm hoping that there's a little more interest out there so that I can order these species this week.   There's been some interest in discus, too.  At the moment, there are two of the many red spots Tefe greens available.  I expect to order other discus as well, so please get your requests in.  I thought there'd be a lot of interest in the L59, L89 and/or LDA8 plecos but so far there hasn't been any, so unless some of you ask for these, I probably won't order any plecos this week. I'll definitely be ordering the Cory hastatus and Nannostomus limatus pencils.   I'll order Cory habrosus and concolor, depending on the arrival time for that shipment (Colombia) and how well it works out with the Brasilian shipments.


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