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    Hey Gang, As I mentioned a few days ago, I ve been pretty busy setting up and expanding our new facility, working on the webpage, and doing some other great
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2013
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      Hey Gang,

      As I mentioned a few days ago, I've been pretty busy setting up and expanding our new facility, working on the webpage, and doing some other great things.  If you're on Facebook and haven't stopped by the Facebook page, be sure to do so:

      You can see some new pictures of our set-up, and some of the expansions I've been undergoing this summer.   I just put up three new racks, which added something like 50 new tanks, including some unusual 50-gallon "Low Boys."   These are a weird sized tank that is the same height as a ten gallon, as wide as a ten is long, but as long as ... well, five ten gallons.  They're going to make for some really interesting additions soon.

      You can also see how I managed to get one stuck for three days at a funky angle.  Lesson learnt, don't lift a tank up over your head after building racks all day.   Seriously. :)

      Our actual primary webpage has gotten a bit of a facelift, too.   I need to work on the front page rather a lot, and that'll be upcoming.  In the meanwhile, our freshwater list got completely redesigned and is a lot more user friendly.  Apparently, some users complained that images were different sizes -- including some that were larger than their screens.  My personal browser, Chrome, automatically resized all the images properly, so I had no idea this was happening until someone told me!  :)   This problem is fixed, and I reshaped the entire layout to be a lot easier to read.   I'm also adding a lot more pictures.   Check it out:  http://www.batfishaquatics.com/freshwater.php.   

      I added this afternoon a scrolling menu, which I know doesn't work on everyone's screen resolution.  I can't figure out how to fix that, and my web-guru is supposed to do that for me later this week. :-D   It's the idea that counts or something, right?  

      I'm also running a neat promo for you photogs out there.  See all those fish that say "No Image Available?"   Buy them.  Take some pictures of them, and send them to BatfishAquatics@....  Make sure they're at least 3 MP, good, and clear.  If I use them, you get 50% of the price of the pictured fish back as a credit -- even if you bought the fish a long time ago.  For schooling fish pairs, etc., you get credit for EACH fish pictured (i.e., send me a picture of a shoal of six signifer, and you'll get credit for all six).  This also goes for fish that have pictures that just plain suck. :)   IF you think you can do better, prove it!  Please contact me if you're interested for full details.  

      The next step will be adding informational pages for each and every fish on that list, but that'll be coming in a bit.

      We're also stocking more and more saltwater, and our plant selection should be booming later this month.  We have a huge shipment of plants coming in shortly.   Salt right now is pretty limited, as we're still expanding that, but we have a great selection of cleaner organisms.   Please be sure to contact me before ordering -- I usually only have one or two of each animal in stock and I'm not that fast at updating the list.  

      In the meanwhile, we'll be bringing in 4-5 shipments per week (!) over the next month, filling in these new tanks and getting ready for some of the shows in the area!   

      Be sure to keep checking out the list.  I've got a really great new betta supplier as well, and we're looking to bring in some really unusual anabantoids.   I've got a beautiful pair of Betta sp. "Gladiator" in quarantine now.   

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