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Possible Marine Order

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  • Anubias Design
    Hey Gang, If there s a little bit of interest I might get a shipment from my long-time Florida Keys guy.  His list has a bunch of really cool stuff on it
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2013
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      Hey Gang,
      If there's a little bit of interest I might get a shipment from my long-time Florida Keys guy.  His list has a bunch of really cool stuff on it right now.  I've been buying from him for 22 years now.  His stuff is always super nice.  Let me know if you're interested in anything.  Please feel free to share this list.  The prices do not include shipping from FL to PA.  That will be split among the people getting things.  I prefer this for pickup in Bensalem.  If we get the order together fast enough I can probably deliver to the BCAS meeting.  The other advantage to getting the order together quickly is that everything is available in limited quantities and subject to prior sale so the sooner I order, the more likely I am to get everything we want.  Depending on what people want to order I might be able to hold the animals for delivery to the GCAS meeting next week.  Shipout is possible but I'd prefer not to ship.
      Black Angel$32.00$40.00$48.00
      Blue Angel - SM$36.00$54.00$72.00
      French Angel  $102.00
      Queen Angel$60.00$90.00$108.00
      Rock Beauty $25.00 
      Oyster Blenny $7.00 
      Red Lip Blenny $15.00 
      Sailfin Blenny $12.00 
      Wrasse Blenny $26.00 
      Box Fish and Puffers   
      Spiny Box Fish $7.00 
      Porcupine Puffer $24.00 
      Southern Puffer $16.00 
      Green Trunk Fish$7.00  
      4 Eye Butterfly$8.00$10.00 
      Spotfin Butterfly$14.00  
      Beau Gregory Damsel$7.00  
      Bicolor Damsel$4.00  
      Blue Reef Chromis$7.00  
      Jewel Damsel $16.00 
      Sergeant Major Damsel$7.00  
      Yellow Edge Chromis $9.00$10.00
      Gobies & Jawfish   
      Hovering Goby $14.00 
      Neon Goby $9.00 
      Neon Goby - Pair $20.00 
      Rusty Goby $11.00 
      Dusky Jawfish$16.00  
      Spotfin Jawfish$14.00  
      Yellow Head Jawfish$14.00  
      Cottonwick Grunt$5.00$5.00 
      French Grunt$2.00 $8.00
      Small Mouth Grunt  $8.00
      White Grunt $4.00 
      Porkfish  $33.00
      Lantern Basslet $9.00 
      Flame Cardinal $7.00 
      Black Edge Moray Eel$26.00  
      Caribbean Tongue Flounder$14.00  
      Goat Fish $16.00 
      Barred Hamlet $9.00 
      High Hat $9.00 
      Caribbean Lionfish$20.00$30.00$40.00
      Scorpion Fish$7.00$9.00$20.00
      Sand Perch $10.00 
      Sargassum Fish $16.00 
      Sea Robin$30.00  
      Spade Fish$10.00  
      Tile Fish$10.00  
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