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Fourth of July Sale!

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    Hey Folks, It s hot out here. It isn t even officially July yet, and we are cooking at 90 degrees. How s it out by you? A lot of people get very concerned
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2013
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      Hey Folks, 

      It's hot out here.  It isn't even officially July yet, and we are cooking at 90 degrees.   How's it out by you? 

      A lot of people get very concerned about shipping fish in the heat.  Fish can tolerate getting chilled 30-40 degrees, should a bad winter shipment happen, but cooked at 110 degrees?  Forget about it.  All shipments from Batfish Aquatics are expertly packed with a styrofoam box and cold pack as needed; we have had very, very few problems with shipped fish.  However, the idea of summer shipping scares a lot of people, and we have heard horror stories.  

      We have been working with the Post Office to address this concern, and are pleased to offer a new solution to shipping.  This is great for summer shipments.  We are now offering a "Hold At Post Office" option.  In addition to your shipping address, you provide us with the address of your preferred post office.  We then ship your package to you, in care of that post office.  Your box will come through this post office anyway, and when it arrives in the morning, they scan it and set it aside.  You will then get a delivery notification by e-mail or text, and your post officer may drop a note off at your door.  (Please note, you must provide us with a mobile number if you want a text alert).  Once you get the notification, you can go to the post office and pick your box up.  

      Your box never leaves the post office, and may be available a few hours earlier than usual.  

      This is a huge advantage.  It never gets put in the back of a delivery truck driving around your neighbourhood all day.   It never gets put on your front stoop, possibly in the sun, to cook.  It virtually never goes outdoors.   

      We've been experimenting with this, and are very happy with the results.  The only disadvantage is that you must make a trip to the post office to pick it up, and most close at 5 PM.   If you work 9-5, it might be hard to get there.   

      This option is also a great advantage if you happen to live in an area where boxes may vanish from your front stoop, or apartment/condominium homes where a box may get tossed around someone's office until they remember to tell you it's there. 

      We are doing a FOURTH OF JULY SALE using this new shipping method.   Orders from our current stock list must be in by 12-NOON on Monday, 1 July.   Every single order will get something extra placed in the box.   What?  I don't know, whatever whim I have at the time.  Maybe a couple extra fish, maybe a couple extra of some other type of fish, maybe a plant, maybe a bag of fish food, maybe a bag of candy.  Who knows?     

      Probably not candy.  I keep that for myself. 

      And, what's more, to celebrate the Fourth, we're going to offer 15% off ALL list prices, including those already discounted.   If a fish is 6/$12, you can get six for $10.20!   

      But, here's the kicker. . .  fish will be shipped by EXPRESS MAIL/OVERNIGHT delivery on MONDAY or TUESDAY.   You must have your order into me by NOON and I will get back to you with a total, including shipping, no later than 2 PM.   All orders will go out on Monday for Tuesday delivery or Tuesday for Wednesday delivery, with most going out on Monday.   Depending on how far you are, overnight shipping ranges from as little as $15 on up.  

      Let's get some cool orders in, folks!

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