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    If you pre-ordered fish, they are in! This is the updated price list. Please note that prices below are NOT the same as pre-order prices. There are also a
    Message 1 of 33 , Apr 3, 2013
      If you pre-ordered fish, they are in!  This is the updated price list. 
      Please note that prices below are NOT the same as pre-order prices.  There are also a few fish that I am not currently listed that did come in as pre-orders.

      Please see [url]http://www.batfishaquatics.com/freshwater.php[/url] for a full list. 

      Fish Quantity Available Price Notes
      A. macmasteri “Blue Trim” One Group $100 Quad (MFFF)  
      Apisto. panduro, Adults 4 $60 Per Pair  
      Apisto. viejita "Rio Meta" 2 Trios $100 Per TRIO  
      Double Red agassizi 3 $15 each  
      Apisto. macmasteri, Wild 25 $15.00 VERY NICE
      Apisto. “Alenque” (Pair) 1 PAIR $75.00  

      [b]Other Cichlids[/b]
      Lyonsi Cichlid, 2" 12 $18.00 3 for $45

      Redtail Manacacia Cichlid 6 $25.00 BLOW OUT! $15 each

      Laetacara thayeri, Adults (False Keyhole Cichlid) 6 $15.00 3 for $40
      This is the "False Keyhole Cichlid," a very peaceful, shy substitute for the true Keyhole.

      Laetacara thayeri, Juvenile 100 $8.00 3 for $20

      Laetacara sp. "Buckelkopf" 50 $15.00 Juveniles at about 2", looks to be mostly males

      Vieja regani 5 $10.00 All for $45


      Red Ancistrus 20 $25.00 SALE! $20.
      Awesome dwarf bushynose pleco that is a very cool solid red.

      Rhino Pleco (4") 4 $10.00  

      Ancistrus triradiatus 12 $10.00  
      Neat little bushy nose pleco. Tank raised by a local breeder!

      Ancistrus sp. "Basic Bushy Nose" 25 $6.00 3 for $15
      L-52 Butterfly Pleco Breeders ON HOLD $25.00  

      L190 Royal Pleco 5 $35.00  

      Albino Hifin Pleco (Pt. joselimaianus) 10 $15.00  

      Twig Cats (Farlowella) 50 $5.00 3 for $12

      Otocinclus 100 $3.00 6 for $15

      Whiptail Catfish   20 $6.00 3 for $15

      [b]Other Catfish: [/b]

      Corydoras erhartii 10 $6.00 3 for $15

      Corydoras habrosus 30 $4.00 3 for $10

      Corydoras panda 12 $5.00 3 for $12

      Orange Banded Stone Cat (Akysis vespa) 60 $7.00 3 for $17

      Pterodoras granulosis 2 $30.00 2 for $50 (Only 2)
      P. granulosis is a beautiful but very large catfish. These two are about 5" long right now, but will grow to about 24-36" in the aquarium. These are not a catfish for a small aquarium.


      Glossolepis wanamensis 5 $8.00 5 for $35
      The Lake Wanam rainbowfish is a beautiful emerald rainbow that competes with the Turquois Rainbowfish for the title of prettiest green. It is fairly uncommon. These are five small juveniles, at about 1.5".

      Turquoise Rainbow 12 $8.00  

      Signifer Rainbowfish (Pseudomugil signifer) 20 $10.00 3 for $25, MFF ONLY

      Featherfin Rainbow (Iriatherina werneri) 10 $12.00 /td>

      Red Rainbow (Glossolepis incicus) 100 $12.00 6 for $60

      Gertrude's Rainbow (Ps. gertrudae) 100 $4.00 6 for $20


      Ember Tetra (H. amandae) 50 6 for $12 12 for $20

      Loretto Tetra 25 6 for $24, 12 for $40  

      Buenos Aeres Tetra 5 All five, $15  

      Emperor Tetra 200 $4.00 6 for $20

      Beckford's Pencilfish 100 $3.00 6 for $15

      Eques Pencilfish (Rocket) 100 $3.00 6 for $15

      [b]Cyprinids (Barbs, Danios, Rasboras, etc).[/b]

      Dracula Danionella 50 $5.00 6 for $25, 12 for $45
      Lipstick Barb 12 $6.00 3 for $15

      Melon Barb 25 $4.00 3 for $10

      Denison's Barb (Roseline Shark) 20 $15.00 3 for $40

      Yoma Starlight Danio 50 $7.00 3 for $19, 6 for $35
      A fairly new import, very rarely seen. Great alternative to the Giant Danio with a beautiful starlight pattern on the body. Super hardy.

      Giant Danio 25 $3.00 3 for $8

      Tinwini Danio 100 $3.00 5 for $12

      Microrasbora erythromicon 100 $3.00 6 for $15

      [b]Anabantoids [/b]

      Anton's Betta (B. antoni) 5 $40.00 Sex probable, not guaranteed

      Foerschi Betta (B. foerschi) 2 $65 PAIR Individuals available, ask.

      Burmese Chocolate Gourami (P. lineatus) 75 $6.00 3 for $15

      Chocolate Cherry Gourami (Sphaerichthys selatanensis) 50 $15.00  

      Mini Chocolate Gourami (Parasphaerichthys ocellatus) 50 $8.00 3 for $20

      Licorice Paradisefish (Pseudophromenus cupanus) 20 $10.00  

      [b]All Other Fishes:[/b]

      Albino Topaz Guppies 1 Pair Left! $18 PAIR

      Stiphodon Goby 6 $10.00 All one species, shipped as Stiphodon sp. "Gold Line."

      Pea Puffers 50 $5.00 3 for $12

      Freshwater Pipefish 6 $25.00 COOL!

      Guenther's Notho 6 $15.00 Sex not guaranteed

      Clown Killifish 50 $3.00 6 for $15

      Daisy Ricefish (Woworae) 100 $3.00 6 for $15


      Nerite Snail 25 $3.00 Asst. Types, Our Pick

      [b]All Other Animals[/b]

      American Siren 3 $30.00 Cool, primitive, fully aquatic amphibian! Buy all 3 for $75

      Fire Newts 3 $6.00 Mostly aquatic newt. Bright red bellies. Will eat small fish.

      These are extremely unusual fish, one of a kind fish, or fish that are ideal for dedicated breeders, as well as “Lonely Hearts.” Please only order these fish if you are willing and able to breed them, and/or have mates for these “lonely hearts.”

      Moenkhausia spp. Small school (about six fish) $80.00  
      These are an unknown species of Moenkhausia, that if I had to guess was M. simulata. They remind me a lot of congo tetras. There are five or six fish in the tank (hey, they're fast!). The entire group is available for $80 IF and only IF you are an experienced tetra breeder. This is a super cool fish that I want to see represented in the hobby.

      Gymnogeophagus sp. Group $150.00  
      This is an undescribed, unknown species of Gymno. You are buying the entire group, which is four individuals. Neat looking.

      Frontosa Three $50.00  
      Frontosa var "Burundi". Good size and colour, about 4"

      Massive Wood Cat 1 $30.00  
      He's about 6” long, and very cool looking. Come on, buy a fish you'll ogle in the bag and never again see.

      Giant Marbled Achara Cat 1 $150.00  
      Super huge, at about 24". Will ONLY ship airport to airport or UPS overnight. Local pickup or delivery preferred. Please tell me what size tank you have for this beast.

      Cichlasoma amazona 1 GROUP $100.00  
      Small group of Cichlasoma amazona, personal fish that I've had for about 3 years. Surely one of the most beautiful plain brown fish out there. Four individuals, mix of sizes, I think two pairs.

      Cichlasoma sp. "Isabella" 1 GROUP $75.00  
      If you thought the last group of fish was cool, check out this group of plain brown cichlids. Very rare, possibly undescribed species of Cichlasoma. Three individuals, about 4". Look to be ALL MALE. That's right, you can have a non breeding group of this super rare cichlid, thereby ensuring that it stays rare!

      Hypsophrys nicaraguensis 1 PAIR $50.00  
      These are near fully grown adults, starting to colour, and my personal fish. They won't spawn for me, but they're definitely a male and a female, and compatible. You try it.
    • wm_crash
      Hey Gerald, I ve been keeping a very low profile with fish lately. Most of my spare time is taken up by woodworking. I quit fish about 6 times in the last 2
      Message 33 of 33 , Apr 9, 2013
        Hey Gerald,

        I've been keeping a very low profile with fish lately. Most of my spare time is taken up by woodworking. I quit fish about 6 times in the last 2 years. Last time this happened, I also gave away my setup. I only have one tank left in the living room and a large one in the basement. The living room tank is reserved for Apisto Wilhelmi; the pair I bought turned out to be two females, so still searching. The basement tank is still empty. I am hoping to find a pair of Crenicichla celidochilus for that.

        wm_crash, the friendly hooligan

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        > Long time no hear!
        > How are you doing?
        > I also wondered the same thing myself.
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