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  • john nixon
    You re probably right about cats, and if they do become illegal I have a lot of experience on a farm dealing with feral and semi-feral cats. One of my duties
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      You're probably right about cats, and if they do become illegal I have a lot of experience on a farm dealing with feral and semi-feral cats. One of my duties was catching kittens that the farmer gave away, and my part time job in the fall and winter was running a trapline, so I could probably make a decent living in black market cats if it came down to it. 

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      In my opinion future generations of cats will probably be here long after we humans are gone. Cat's do not need us to survive, dogs do. Dogs have have
      been domesticated much longer than Cats, and Cats still retain many of the instincts of their ancestors to survive in the wild, This has been widely documented
      by reputable scientists studying wildlife. In my opinion it would be virtually impossible to neuter all Dogs and Cats in this country due to the vast numbers of them, both in peoples homes and those that are Feral. It would be extremely difficult but not impossible to neuter all dogs and cats that reside in peoples homes, but
      Feral cats and dogs are a distinctly different matter. The act of trapping millions of  feral cats and a few million feral dogs all over this country and neutering them is a task comparable to World Peace. Cats in particular can have up to 6 litters per year, with 5 to 8 kittens in each litter, you can do the math and see the impossibility of this task, not to mention the enormous cost. This is why I think the idea that PETA can accomplish this is virtually impossible. If this is Peta's
      goal then it is illogical, deeply flawed and doomed to failure.
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      Let's assume that PETA gets its way and all dogs and cas are required to be neutered. Where does the next generation come from? Approved breeders? Approved by whom, and based upon what criteria? The fact is that their stated goal is to stop all breeding by private individuals because they espouse neutering all privately held cats and dogs. You have to follow their logic, such as it is, to its logical concluson.

      From: Robert DeBonis <rdebon@...>
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      OK.  What can I say to this. You hate PETA fine, I have problems with them too, but that's not the issue. There's crazies in PETA Ok, there are crazies on this website. So what. It doesn't negate many of their original policies against trapping and poisoning animals for their fur, it doesn't negate their policies on Spaying and Neutering our pets to avoid the tens of millions of unwanted animals that have to be destroyed. There are crazies in the Democratic Party and there are crazies in the Republican Party, so what, Does it mean that our system is evil, no it just means we are flawed. Remember be careful not to Throw out the Baby with the Bath Water. It also does not mean that they want to Ban us from having Cats and Dogs as Pets. They like many of us advocate responsible Pet ownership.
      I would like to say only one last thing about this issue of Animal Cruelty and responsible stewardship. I lived for a while in an area of the country that was very rural. The cruelty I have seen to Cats, Dogs, and other Domesticated animals by "locals" was disgusting. A total lack of respect for any animal especially Dogs who rely so much on us to care for them. Helpless kittens used and killed to taunt hunting dogs so that the  "blood lust" as they called it would be instilled in the dog. Dogs killed because they wouldn't fight for the enjoyment of these cruel morons who found such great joy in watching animals kill each other. You want to know why Pit Bulls have such a bad rep, go to  these farms where they train dogs to fight and you will see why?  Watch Pit Bulls tearing apart cats, kittens and other dogs as part of their "training" to become champion fighting dogs. Listen to these people boast about how many dogs his dog has killed and how much money he can get for him. Don't take my word for it go there and see it for yourself, see how cruel we can be. Then tell me we don't need any laws to protect animals.   
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      PETA represents a membership with a wide spectrum of view on if pets should be allowed and what animal cruelty entails. There does not seem to be any mechanism that prevents extreme views from speaking and acting on behalf of the organization, especially if their activities increase donations. Some PETA members have "infiltrated" farms and zoos and labs and then abused and killed animals in order to create photo opportunities. The perverse "means justifying the end" rearing its head again. Statements made by PETA members as if they were PETA policy include this one, that carnivorous wild animals should be retrained to eat vegetables and if they don't convert to veganism, they should be removed from nature and from existence. And this one, that cows, pigs, and whales are vegans and we humans should learn from their examples. Many of us are old enough to have spent some time on a farm as kids and know what happens when a cow grazing grass in the meadow comes across some baby bunnies, bird eggs, or field mice. The grass will wait until every bunny, egg, or mouse has been eaten or completely escaped. PETA spends nearly all its income in financing campaigns for getting more donations. As a charity it is in the lowest ranks of performance, and any money it diverts from traditional animal welfare organizations directly harms the welfare of animals. Anyone with any regard for the environment or for the welfare of animals should do everything they can to keep money and publicity out of the claws of this evil organization. I'm convinced that PETA had something evil to do with the release of animals from a private Ohio zoo and the alleged "suicide" of its owner. The publicized version of this news story just does not ring at all true.
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