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Re: [anubiasdesign] Current Availability List

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  • Carol Dragon
    Josh, Thanks for your reply. It looks like I won t be ordering anything this time. MD is a bit far to travel for me just to pick up fish. Sincerely, Carol On
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 20, 2013
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      Thanks for your reply.  It looks like I won't be ordering anything this time.  MD is a bit far to travel for me just to pick up fish.

      On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 5:52 PM, Batfish Aquatics <batfishaquatics@...> wrote:

      Hi Carol.

      Batfish Aquatics is located in Gaithersburg, MD.  Your best bet for pickup would be to attend one of the local aquarium club events, either a regular monthly meeting, or AquaMania in March. 


      On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 2:25 PM, Carol Dragon <dragonmom40@...> wrote:


      Where are you located so I know where I would have to go to pick up fish if I order them, since I don't want to have anything shipped in this weather.
      Carol Ross

      On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 8:38 PM, Batfish Aquatics <batfishaquatics@...> wrote:

      Hello gang -- I have more fishes coming in tomorrow, including some uber-rare bettas.   This is the current stock list.  I'm also doing pre-orders, will send that list in a moment, on some very cool fishes!

      Freshwater Fish


      Apisto. algodon Type-I 2 $60 Pair Trios also available, ask.
      These are a beautiful and unusual Apistogramma species.

      Apisto. breitbinden ONE PAIR $50 Per Pair
      This is the a beautiful Apisto with a great, tall fin.

      Apisto. iniridae 6 $10 
      A very uncommon wild caugh Apisto. These guys are running about an inch or so. Sex not guaranteed.

      Apisto. macmasteri “Blue” 30 $10 
      These are very small fry right now. Absolutely too small to sex.

      A. macmasteri “Blue Trim” One Group $100 Quad (MFFF) 
      Great for a breeding project! Buy before the end of February, and I'll throw in 3 coconut huts, one for each lady!

      Apisto. panduro, Juveniles Few $15 4 for $50
      Sex not guaranteed

      Apisto. panduro, Adults 4 $60 Per Pair 
      Very nice!

      Apisto. viejita "Rio Meta" 2 Trios $100 Per TRIO 
      Probably my favourite Apisto that I've got in stock right now. Gorgeous, very big, very beautiful!

      Apisto. cacatuoides "Triple Red" Juveniles 25 $20 SALE!!! 3 for $50, 6 for $80
      Sex Probable But Not Guaranteed

      Double Red agassizi 20 $15 each 
      Pairs probable, not guaranteed.

      Other Cichlids

      Redtail Manacacia Cichlid 6 $25 BLOW OUT! $15 each

      Gymno. balzanii (Small) 15 $5 

      Laetacara thayeri, Adults (False Keyhole Cichlid) 6 $15 3 for $40
      This is the "False Keyhole Cichlid," a very peaceful, shy substitute for the true Keyhole.

      Laetacara thayeri, Juvenile 100 $8 3 for $20

      Laetacara sp. "Buckelkopf" 50 $15 Juveniles at about 1"

      Lemon Drop Ancistrus 25 $18 
      A gorgeous variety of Bushy Nosed Pleco. These are a yellow with long, veil fins. Awesome little algae eaters.

      Red Ancistrus 20 $25 SALE! $20.
      Awesome dwarf bushynose pleco that is a very cool solid red.

      Rhino Pleco (4") 4 $10 

      Ancistrus triradiatus 12 $10 
      Neat little bushy nose pleco. Tank raised by a local breeder!

      Ancistrus sp. "Basic Bushy Nose" 25 $6 3 for $15
      The basic aquarium bushy nose, brown, either locally bred (usually) or farm raised. These are the ideal algae eating pleco. If you're still buying regular ol' "plecos," Batfish will have words for you. The BNP gets to a maximum size of about 4", perfect for most tanks, breeds easily, looks cool and ... best of all ... it ... eats ... brown ... algae. The type most of us have in the aquarium. Great algae eaters.

      Other Catfish:

      Corydoras erhartii 10 $6 3 for $15

      Corydoras violetti (C. similis variant) 25 $12, 3 for $30 Similar to C. similis, but purple-ish

      Corydoras habrosus 30 $4 3 for $10

      Hara jerdoni (Stone Cat) 25 $5 3 for $12

      Pterodoras granulosis 2 $30 2 for $50 (Only 2)
      P. granulosis is a beautiful but very large catfish. These two are about 5" long right now, but will grow to about 24-36" in the aquarium. These are not a catfish for a small aquarium.


      Glossolepis wanamensis 5 $8 5 for $35
      The Lake Wanam rainbowfish is a beautiful emerald rainbow that competes with the Turquois Rainbowfish for the title of prettiest green. It is fairly uncommon. These are five small juveniles, at about 1.5".

      Melanotaenia kamaka 12 $10 

      Turquoise Rainbow 12 $8 SALE! $5

      Signifer Rainbowfish (Pseudomugil signifer) 20 $10 3 for $27
      GOOGLE THESE FISH. If you're keeping Gertrudes or Furcata, they're this fish's ugly cousin. These are some of the nicest Signifers I've ever had in stock, too.

      Featherfin Rainbow (Iriatherina werneri) 25 $12 ULTRA NICE:
      These are among the nicest Featherfins (or Threadfins) I have seen. Lately, these fish are just coming in beautiful. As such, we're having a "Get 'em While They're Gorgeous" sale -- as long as they're this nice, take advantage! $10 each or a M/F pair for $18 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.


      Ember Tetra (H. amandae) 50 6 for $12 

      Loretto Tetra 25 6 for $24, 12 for $40 

      Sailfin Tetras, Breeding Size 15 $20 M/F PAIR, $12 each otherwise.
      These are not the pitiful Sailfin Tetras you sometimes see in the store. These are full grown, adult sailfin tetras. This is a beautiful, unusual tetra that pairs off and spawns in caves, like a cichlid. Not at all aggressive. A great way to earn some BAP points in a category that few people do (tetras).

      Buenos Aeres Tetra 5 All five, $15 

      Cyprinids (Barbs, Danios, Rasboras, etc).

      Barbus fasciatus (Melon Barb) 5 $9 SALE!!! 5 for $35

      Giant Danio 25 $3 3 for $8

      Tinwini Gold Ring Danio 9 $5 These guys came in very small. Buy all 9 for $30

      Celestial Pearl Danio (Galaxy Rasbora) OUT UNTIL WEDS $5 3 for $12, 6 for $22

      Asian Rummynose Rasbora (Sawba) 15 $6 6 for $25

      All Other Fishes:

      Crown Tail Betta, Male 4 $8 Mostly reds. Colour not guaranteed

      Albino Topaz Guppies 1 Pair Left! $18 PAIR 

      Desert Goby 3 $10 each Currently only females available.
      This is an unusual freshwater goby that is not often encountered in the hobby, and should be. These are adults running about 2". They are easily spawned, and easily kept, even in tanks as small as a 5-G.


      Nerite Snail 25 $3 Asst. Types, Our Pick

      White Crawfish 10 $10 SALE!!! $8

      Cambarellus texanus 20 $12 3 for $30
      A small, dwarf crayfish. Relatively friendly with fishes and plants.

      Cambarellus “Vasquez” 20 $12 3 for $30
      These small dwarf crays are similar to the C. texanus above. Unfortunately, my supplier has terrible handwriting, and I have been unable to get a positive identification on this species. This is as best as I can translate his handwriting. If you know what these are, please contact me. Seem to be another peaceful, dwarf cray.

      NO CRAYFISH SALES TO VIRGINIA. Must pick up in Maryland or have delivered (NOT TO VIRGINIA). 

      All Other Animals

      American Siren 6 $30 Cool, primitive, fully aquatic amphibian! Money back guarantee, will not sing.

      Fire Newts 6 $6 Mostly aquatic newt. Bright red bellies. Will eat small fish.

      House Gecko 6 $10 NON AQUATIC.

      These are extremely unusual fish, one of a kind fish, or fish that are ideal for dedicated breeders, as well as “Lonely Hearts.” Please only order these fish if you are willing and able to breed them, and/or have mates for these “lonely hearts.”

      Moenkhausia spp. Small school (about six fish) $80 
      These are an unknown species of Moenkhausia, that if I had to guess was M. simulata. They remind me a lot of congo tetras. There are five or six fish in the tank (hey, they're fast!). The entire group is available for $80 IF and only IF you are an experienced tetra breeder. This is a super cool fish that I want to see represented in the hobby.

      Gymnogeophagus sp. Group $150 
      This is an undescribed, unknown species of Gymno. You are buying the entire group, which is four individuals. Neat looking.

      Lyonsi Cichlid One $20 5" Male

      Frontosa Three $50 
      Frontosa var "Burundi". Good size and colour, about 4" If you send us a video of you singing "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Frontosa," we may knock $10 off. Or tack $10 on, depends.

      Chaca chaca 1 $30 
      Massive Wood Cat 1 $30 
      He's about 6” long, and very cool looking. Come on, buy a fish you'll ogle in the bag and never again see.

      Giant Marbled Achara Cat 1 $150 
      Super huge, at about 24". Will ONLY ship airport to airport or UPS overnight. Local pickup or delivery preferred. Please tell me what size tank you have for this beast.

      Jaguar Catfish 1 $75 
      Running about 6" long right now. Appears to be Liosomadoras oncinus.

      Betta coccina, Pair 1 $1000
      Roger asked for one. Told me he'd pay any price. 

      Apisto. sp. "Emerald", Pair. 1 $500
      Ditto for Luis.

      Plant Price
      Java Fern, Windelov $4

      Thai Crinum $8 (BIG BULBS)

      Aponogeton stachysporus $10 (VERY COOL!)

      Red Dwarf Lily BULB $2

      Anubias, Assorted (Our Choice) $12 or 3 for $30

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