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Pre-Orders NOW for NEXT WEEK

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  • Batfish Aquatics
    Hello gang, I am trying to put together an order for next week, and am gauging interest on some fishes. Below, you will find the availability list, from which
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2013
      Hello gang,

      I am trying to put together an order for next week, and am gauging interest on some fishes. 
      Below, you will find the availability list, from which I am taking pre-orders, the cut-off for which is TOMORROW at 8 PM. Usually, we'll have a bit more turn-around time, but I need to bring this order in a little quicker to fill a large order for a customer. So, here's how it works:

      Look over the list. E-mail me a list of what you want, how many, and the total. If there is enough interest in a species to warrant it, they get ordered, and I will send you a final pre-order list. You then have until THURSDAY at 9 AM to put a 50% deposit down, otherwise it will NOT BE ORDERED. Deposits may be made via Paypal only. Again, the e-mail address is BatfishAquatics@...Do not PM, text, call, facebook, send pigeons, etcs. E-mail ONLY . Fish will arrive on the 21st. You must make arrangements to pick these fish up at the PVAS meeting on the 2nd, or before, or pay for shipping. 

      These are some very, very neat fish, and there's great pricing on them.

      Burmese Red Lipstick BarbPuntius Erythromycter1"$5.00
      Indian Dwaft Green barbPuntius Phutino1.5cm$3.00
      Tic-Tac-Toe BarbPuntius Ticto3-4cm$5.00
      Green Spot BettaBetta Cocinna1.5"$10.00
      Foersch's Ninja BettaBetta Foerschi1.75"-2"$25.00
      Scorpion Betta Betta Brownorum1.5"$40.00
      Blue Damsel BettaBetta Kratois2"$30.00
      Blue Firefly BettaBetta Dimidiata1.5"$70.00
      Pink Clown BettaBetta sp. Pudu1.5"$30.00
      Habrosus CoryCorydoras Habrosus1"$3.00
      Golden Peppered CorydorasAspidoras sp "ARAGUAIA"M (3cm)$7.00
      Borneo Hornet CatfishPseudomystus Funebris1.5"-2"$10.00
      Borneo Scissortail CatfishHemibagrus species2"-2.5"$12.00
      Burmese Green Neon CyprisDanionella translucida1"$4.00
      Burmese Fire Ring DanioBrachydanio Sp. FireRing1.25"$4.00
      Pathiran's Panther DanioDanio pathirana1"-1.2"$8.00
      Vampire Neon Green DanionellaDanionella Priapus1.5cm$3.00
      Indian Turquoise DanioDevario Devario1.25"-1.5"$5.00
      Cliffordpopei GobyRhinogobius Cliffordpopei3-4cm$30.00
      Sumatran Bumphead GobyMugilgobius seperataM$5.00
      Zhou Scarlet GobyRhinogobius Zhoui3-4cm$60.00
      Ornate Licorice GouramiParosphromenus ornaticaudaM$15.00
      Red Spotted Pygmy Licorice GouramiParosphromenus Parvulus1”$12.00
      Imperial BotiaBotia Udomritthiruji2"-2.25"$35.00
      Tri-band Orange Sumo LoachSchistura balteata2"$5.00
      Sid The Monkey BotiaBotia sidthimunki1.5''$15.00
      Giant Chinese Royal LoachLeptobotia Elongata12-15cm$200.00
      "Hangzhou" Honeycomb LoachLeptobotia Taeniops3"-3.5"$50.00
      Panda LoachProtomyzon Pachychilus3-4cm$100.00
      Giant Chinese Royal LoachLeptobotia Elongata18-20cm$300.00
      Rasbora DwaftRasbora maculata0.5"$3.00
      Neon Blue RasboraRasbora Axelrodi0.75$4.00
      Burmese Cardinal RasboraMicro-Rasbora Rubescens1.2"$3.00
      Inle-Lake Tiger RasboraInlecypris Auropurpureus2.5"$4.00
      Double Orange Spot Torpedo RasboraPectenocypris Korthusae1.5"$4.00
      Scarlet BadisBadis Bengalensis0.75"$3.00
      Emerald White Cloud MountainTanichthys micagemmae0.75"$4.00
      Australia Empire Gudgeon (In pairs)Hypseleotris Compressa1.5"-2"$25.00
      Pellucidus Rainbow FishPseudomugil pellucidusM$20.00
      Irian Red Neon Rainbow FishPseudomugil irianiM$15.00
      Oglilby Rainbow Fish (WILD CAUGHT)Melanotaenia oglilbyi2"$30.00
      Asian Glass Flying Hatchet FishParachela oxygastroides2"$5.00
      Sumatran Yellow Pygmy CatfishPelteobagrus Ornata1.2"$4.00
      Green Speckled Licorice GouramiParosphromenus Sintangensis1"$10.00
      Filament Licorice GouramiParasphromenus Filamentosus3 cm$8.00
      Clown RasboraRasbora Kalochroma2"$5.00
      Phoenix RasboraBoraras MerahM$3.00
      Sakura GobyStiphodon Species1.75"$12.00
      Indian Sphaghetti EelPisodonophis boro6"$3.00
      Mekong Red Fin LampeyeOryzias Mekongensis2-2.5cm$4.00
      Celestial Pearl Danio (Galaxy Rasbora)Celestichthys margaritatus0.75''$5.00
      Sakura Luminous Red ShrimpCaridina pingi2cm$6.00
      Laos Micro Spider CrabLimnopilos Naiyanetri0.5"$3.00
      Laos Velvet Blue ShrimpCaridina Species2cm$4.00
      Armadillo ShrimpCaridina rubropunctata2.5-3cm$7.00
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