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Florida Marine Availability

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  • Anubias Design
    Hey Gang, I m thinking about bringing a shipment in from my FL Keys guy.  This would be for pickup in Bensalem only.  I will not ship these items.  If I do
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 3, 2012
      Hey Gang,
      I'm thinking about bringing a shipment in from my FL Keys guy.  This would be for pickup in Bensalem only.  I will not ship these items.  If I do this, the shipment will arrive here on Wed.  If you're interested in anything, please let me know as soon as possible.  In addition to the listed prices, you will pay the actual shipping charge from Florida to PA.
      QTY AvailableSpeciesPrice
      3Black Angel - SM$32.00
      2Black Angel - LG$45.00
      1Blue Angel - SM$36.00
      2Blue Angel - LG$60.00
      1French Angel - MD$84.00
      2French Angel - LG$102.00
      1French Angel - XL (7-8")$108.00
      1Queen Angel - SM$60.00
      2Queen Angel - MD$90.00
      1Queen Angel - LG$108.00
      2Queen Angel - XL$120.00
      2Harlequin Bass$7.00
      1Rhino Blenny$7.00
      2Saddle Blenny$7.00
      7Assorted Blenny$7.00
      18Spiny Box Fish$7.00
      1Banded Butterfly - MD$14.00
      14 Eye Butterfly - SM$8.00
      14 Eye Butterfly - MD$10.00
      24 Eye Butterfly - LG$14.00
      16Flame Cardinal$8.00
      34Cowfish - SM$6.00
      6Cowfish - MD$9.00
      3Bicolor Damsel$4.00
      1Spotted Drum$45.00
      2Black Edge Moray$26.00
      1Green Filefish$7.00
      1Assorted Filefish - SM$6.00
      2Assorted Filefish - MD$8.00
      7Flounder - SM$14.00
      1Glass Goby$7.00
      20White Grunt - SM$3.00
      3Porkfish - SM$8.00
      1Lizard Fish - SM$10.00
      4Caribbean Lionfish - MD$36.00
      4Caribbean Lionfish - LG$40.00
      2Princess Parrot - MD$23.00
      1Red Band Parrot - MD$10.00
      1Stoplight Parrot - SM$7.00
      10Assorted Parrot - SM$3.00
      1Assorted Parrot - MD$14.00
      5Pipe Fish$7.00
      7Porcupine Puffer $24.00
      1Sharpnose Puffer$7.00
      5Southern Puffer$16.00
      21Seahorse - SM$32.00
      1Squirrelfish - MD$18.00
      3Squirrelfish - LG$24.00
      1Yellow Stingray$36.00
      1Blue Tang - SM$15.00
      1Blue Tang - MD$22.00
      1Blue Tang - LG$30.00
      3Surgeon Tang - LG$14.00
      1Gray Trigger - SM$10.00
      11Green Trunk Fish - SM (non-poisonous)$7.00
      4Bluehead Wrasse $9.00
      2Clown Wrasse - SM$6.00
      1Clown Wrasse - LG$8.00
      6Slippery Dick Wrasse - SM$2.00
      5Slippery Dick Wrasse - LG$4.00
      1Spanish Hog - SM$15.00
      3Yellowhead Wrasse - LG$9.00
      4Pinktip Anemone$12.00
      40Ricordea - green/blue$7.50
      2Ricordea - warty$18.00
      6Sea Biscuit (sand sifter)$2.50
      10Chiton (great algae eaters)$2.00
      6Arrow Crab$8.00
      3Spider Crab$2.30
      40Hermit Crab - SM$1.00
      4Hermit Crab - MD$3.00
      12Operculate/White Claw Hermit Crab$2.50
      3Assorted Crab$1.50
      5Sea Cucumber - SM$1.50
      4Sea Cucumber - MD$2.00
      3Corky Finger Gorgonian$6.00
      4Green Gorgonian$6.00
      13Purple Gorgonian$6.00
      7Purple Frilly Gorgonian$6.00
      5Tan Gorgonian$6.00
      5Upside Down Jellyfish - MD (2-4)$3.50
      10Upside Down Jellyfish - MD (4-7)$5.00
      1Spiny Oyster - SM
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