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Re: [anubiasdesign] Natives & disease (on the soapbox)

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  • Mike Luchsinger
    Now that s a community tank... You re a brave guy Mark. Although I have to admit Black Veil Angels and Yellow Labs seems like an awesome (but dangerous)
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 1, 2006
      Now that's a "community" tank...
      You're a brave guy Mark. 
      Although I have to admit Black Veil Angels and Yellow Labs seems like an awesome (but dangerous) mixture...


      anubiasdesign@... wrote:
      It can be hard to predict what will get along in different situations.  The craziest tank I ever had was a 65 gallon planted tank that I set up and maintained for a client.  The tank had metal halide lighting and a CO2 unit.  The fish population included discus, black veil angels, yellow Labs, electric blue Haps, Congo tetras, red tail Hemiodus, several rainbows (I think it was lacustris and boesemani), whiptail cats, farlowellas and numerous smaller fish.  And, yes, this was all at the same time!  The tank was gorgeous!  I wish I'd taken a picture of it.
      Anubias Design
      "Where Rare Species Are Common"
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      From: BigJohnW@...
      Hello Julie

      Africans and Rainbows...... a No no??

      I have regularly kept my Rainbows in some african tanks... Presently i
      have a large adult group of Trifasciata Goyder River in with my Sub
      Adult Frontosas.... in the past , Kept large adult Lacustris in with a
      group of Labidochromis "lemons".....   No stress, neither fish bothers
      the others..... When i want to spawn my 'bows... i remove them to a
      breeding tank...

      Sorry to disagree with you on this point.!!    With any fish, watch and
      see how they interact with others... if i thought my Bows were stressed,
      i would have moved them...and at times, my Bows seem to bother the
      Fronts.... nipping fins!


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