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  • Anubias Design
    Hey Gang, I m planning to bring in another plant shipment this week.  The following species are on the list.  It is likely that some of the things I order
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 1, 2010
      Hey Gang,
      I'm planning to bring in another plant shipment this week.  The following species are on the list.  It is likely that some of the things I order will not come in.  I will base the order on the preorders I receive so if there is something you want, please let me know.  I can put together an assortment in any dollar amount.  Let me know how much you want to spend, what your water conditions and lighting are and the fish you're keeping and I'll select plants that should do well for you.  Plant shipping is $6 via Priority Mail.  Orders over $100 will be shipped free.  Plant assortments will include extra plants and assorments over $100 will also be shipped free. Plants can be shipped anywhere in the continental US.  These plants can also be delivered to the Raleigh Aquarium Society workshop, which will be held on June 11th to 13th.  There are no shipping or delivery charges for plants or fish delivered to the workshop.  I will not be set up as a vendor at the workshop and will only bring along anything that has been preordered.

      Ammania gracilis - $4/bunch

      Anubias barteri ‘Diamond’ - $12.50/pot

      Anubias barteri ‘broad leaf’ - $6 - $8.50/pot

      Anubias barteri ‘broad leaf’ – L - $15

      Anubias barteri ‘broad leaf’ – XL - $20

      Anubias barteri ‘Striped’ - $10 - $12.50/pot

      Anubias barteri var barteri - $6 - $8.50/pot

      Anubias barteri var barteri – L - $15

      Anubias barteri var barteri – XL - $20

      Anubias barteri ‘wrinkled leaf’ - $6 - $8.50/pot

      Anubias barteri ‘wrinkled leaf’ – L - $15

      Anubias barteri ‘wrinkled leaf’ – XL - $20

      Anubias barteri var coffeefolia - $6

      Anubias congensis - $6

      Anubias hastifolia - $8.50/pot

      Anubias heterophylla - $8.50/pot

      Anubias lanceolata - $6

      Anubias minima - $6

      Anubias nana - $6

      Anubias nana on stone - $30

      Anubias nana – XL - $13

      Anubias nana ‘wrinkled leaf’ - $8.50/pot

      Anubias sp. ‘golden’ - $8.50/pot

      Anubias ‘short and sharp’ - $6

      Aponogeton siamensis – bulb - $.75

      Bacopa amplexicaulis - $4/bunch

      Bacopa lanigera - $4/bunch

      Bacopa myriophylloides - $4/bunch

      Barclaya longifolia – bulb - $3

      Bolbitis asiatica - $3.50

      Cardamine lyrate - $4/bunch

      Ceratopteris cornutus - $1.75

      Ceratopteris thalictroides - $1.75

      Crinum calamistratum - $15

      Crinum thaianum - $7

      Cryptocoryne balansae - $2, $6/bunch, $6/pot

      Cryptocoryne blassii - $6/bunch

      Cryptocoryne crispatula - $6/bunch

      Cryptocoryne lucens - $1.75 - $6/pot

      Cryptocoryne lutea - $1.75 - $6/bunch - $6/pot

      Cryptocoryne nevillii - $6/pot

      Cryptocoryne petchii - $6/pot

      Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia - $6/bunch

      Cryptocoryne retrospiralis – $2 - $6/bunch

      Cryptocoryne ‘tropica’ - $6/pot

      Cryptocoryne walkeri - $2 - $6/bunch

      Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘broad leaf’ - $5/pot

      Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘brown’ - $5/pot

      Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘mi oya’ - $5/pot

      Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘green’ - $5/bunch - $6/pot

      Cryptocoryne willisii - $5/pot

      Davallia sp. - $10/pot

      Echinodorus ‘aflame’ - $12/pot

      Echinodorus ‘africanus’ - $6/pot

      Echinodorus amazonicus - $1.75

      Echinodorus americanus - $3

      Echinodorus ‘apart’ - $8.50/pot

      Echinodorus argentinensis - $3 - $6/pot

      Echinodorus barthii - $10

      Echinodorus bleheri - $1.50

      Echinodorus cordifolius - $3

      Echinodorus horemanii ‘green’ - $8.50/pot

      Echinodorus horemanii ‘red’ - $8.50/pot

      Echinodorus horizontalis - $3 - $6/pot

      Echinodorus magdalensis - $3 - $6/pot

      Echinodorus martii - $4

      Echinodorus palaefolius - $2.50

      Echinodorus peruensis - $2.50

      Echinodorus ‘rose’ - $4

      Echinodorus schleuteri - $3.50

      Echinodorus ‘tricolor’ - $8.50/pot

      Echinodorus xingu - $6/pot

      Egeria najas - $4/bunch

      Eustralis stellata - $4/bunch

      Gymnocoronis spilanthoides - $4/bunch

      Hydrocotyle leucocephala - $4/bunch’

      Hydrocotyle tripartite - $8.50/pot

      Hygrophila angustifolia - $4/bunch

      Hygrophila corymbosa - $4/bunch

      Hygrophila difformis - $4/bunch

      Hygrophila salicifolia - $4/bunch

      Isoetes vetata varsicula - $4/bunch

      Lilaeopsis novaezealandiae - $3/portion

      Limnophila aquatica - $4/bunch

      Limnophila aromatica - $4/bunch

      Lobelia cardinalis - $4/bunch

      Ludwigia arcuata - $4/bunch

      Ludwigia inclinata - $4/bunch

      Ludwigia inclinata ‘green’ - $4/bunch

      Ludwigia ovalis - $4/bunch

      Ludwigia peruensis - $4/bunch

      Ludwigia peruensis ‘diamond’ - $4/bunch

      Ludwigia repens - $4/bunch

      Lysimachia nummularia ‘aruea’ - $4/bunch

      Mayaca fluviatilis - $4/bunch

      Micranthemum micranthemoides - $4/bunch

      Micranthemum umbrosum - $4/bunch

      Microsorium latifolia - $3 - $6/bunch - $8.50/pot

      Microsorium pteropus ‘narrow’ - $3 - $6/bunch

      Microsorium pteropus ‘windelov’ - $4

      Monosolenium tenerum (Pellia) - $10/cup

      Myriophyllum elatinoides - $4.bunch

      Myriophyllum verticillatum - $4/bunch

      Nomaphila siamensis - $4/bunch

      Nomaphila siamensis ‘dwarf’ - $4/bunch

      Nymphaea rubra – sprouted bulb - $3.50

      Pogostemon helferi - $7 - $9/pot

      Rorippa aquatica - $5/bunch - $6/pot

      Rotala indica - $4/bunch

      Rotala indica ‘green’ - $4/bunch

      Rotala wallichii - $4/bunch

      Sagittaria platyphylla - $.75 - $4/bunch

      Sagittaria pusilla - $.60 - $4/bunch

      Sagittaria subulata - $1 - $5/bunch

      Saururua cernuus - $1.25

      Vallisneria asiatica - $1.75 - $6/bunch

      Vallisneria gigantea - $1.75 - $6/bunch

      Vallisneria spiralis - $1.25 - $5/bunch

      Vallisneria torta - $1.25 - $5/bunch

      Anubias Design
      "where rare species are common"


    • Anubias Design
      Hey Gang, This is what they say is available.  I must caution you that this doesn t mean that all of these will come in if ordered.  It also doesn t mean
      Message 2 of 8 , Jul 3, 2011
        Hey Gang,
        This is what they say is available.  I must caution you that this doesn't mean that all of these will come in if ordered.  It also doesn't mean that species from the full list that aren't on this one won't come in.  Rather, it's a guide to the species most likely to be shipped.  The actual availability depends on the orders they get from their larger customers in Europe. 
        Some of you have asked about substitutions but they are not an option with this grower. If you only want to receive species X and don't want to receive a substitute of my choice from the species that are shipped then please don't order this time.  My order has to be in on Wednesday afternoon so please get your preorders in by noon eastern time on Wed.
        Acorus gramineus var. variegatusDieffenbachia pictaLysimachia nummularia
        Acorus gramineus var. pusillusDracaena deremensisLysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’
        Aeschynomene fluitansDracaena deremensis ‘Striped’Marsilea crenata
        Aglaonema ‘Silver queen’Dracaena sanderianaMarsilea quadrifolia
        Aglaonema simplexEchinodorus amazonicus-emergedMayaca fluviatilis-submerged
        Aglaonema spec. ‘Minima’Echinodorus angustifoliaMayaca sellowiniana-submerged
        Alternanthera ficoidea bettzickiana ‘Aurea’Echinodorus ‘Apart’-emergedMicranthemum micranthemoides
        Alternanthera ficoidea bettzickiana ‘Green’Echinodorus ‘Apart’-submergedMicranthemum species
        Alternanthera ficoidea bettzickiana ‘Red’Echinodorus argentinensis-emergedMicranthemum umbrosum
        Alternanthera cardinalis-emergedEchinodorus barthii-emerged   see also Hemianthus
        Alternanthera lilacina-emergedEchinodorus barthii-submerged Microsorium pteropus
        Alternanthera lilacina-submergedEchinodorus bleheri-emergedMicrosorium pteropus-special
        Alternanthera lilacina variegated-emergedEchinodorus bleheri-submergedMicrosorium pteropus on Coco-shell 
        Alternanthera ocipus-emergedEchinodorus bleheri specialMicrosorium pteropus ‘Windelov’       
        Alternanthera reineckii-emergedEchinodorus cordifoliusMyriophyllum dicrocum-submerged
        Alternanthera reineckii-submergedEchinodorus cordifolius ‘Tropica Marble Queen’Myriophyllum elatinoides-submerged
        Alternanthera reineckii variegated-emergedEchinodorus gabrieli-emergedMyriophyllum hippuroides-submerged
        Alternanthera species-red ‘Round’Echinodorus grandifoliusMyriophyllum matogrossense ‘Green form’-sub
        Ammannia gracilis-emergedEchinodorus horemanii ‘Green’-submergedMyriophyllum propinquum-emerged
        Ammannia gracilis-submergedEchinodorus horemanii ‘Red’-submerged Myriophyllum procerpinacoides
        Ammannia senegalensis-submergedEchinodorus latifolius-emergedMyriophyllum propinum
        Ammannia senegalensis-emergedEchinodorus latifolius-submergedMyriophyllum scabratum-submerged
        Ammannia spec. ‘Bonsai’Echinodorus major-submergedMyriophyllum spicatum-submerged
        Anubias afzeliEchinodorus muricatus-emergedMyriophyllum tuberculatum-emerged
        Anubias barteri var. barteri Echinodorus osiris-emergedMyriophyllum tuberculatum-submerged 
        Anubias barteri var. barteri ‘Broad leaf’Echinodorus ‘Ozelot’-emergedNajas Indica
        Anubias barteri var. barteri ‘Variegated’Echinodorus ‘Ozelot’-submergedNesaea species-submerged
        Anubias barteri var. nanaEchinodorus ‘Ozelot’-green emergedNesaea pedicellata-submerged
        Anubias barteri var. nana ‘Golden’ on Lava rockEchinodorus ‘Ozelot’-green submergedNomaphila,  please refer to Hygrophila
        Anubias barteri var. nana ‘Petite’Echinodorus parviflorus-emergedNuphar japonica ‘Spatterdock’
        Anubias barteri var. coffeefoliaEchinodorus parviflorus ‘Tropica’-emergedNuphar japonica ‘Spatterdock’-bulb
        Anubias congensisEchinodorus quadricostatus-emergedNymphaea micrantha
        Anubias hastifoliaEchinodorus ‘Red rubin’-submergedNymphaea rubra
        Anubias heterophyllaEchinodorus ‘Rose’-emergedNymphaea rubra-bulb  
        Anubias lanceolataEchinodorus schlueteri-emergedNymphaea species ‘Green’
        Aponogeton boivinianusEchinodorus tenellus ‘Broad leaf’-emergedNymphaea species ‘Red’
        Aponogeton boivinianus-bulbEchinodorus tenellus ‘Broad leaf’-submergedNymphaea stellata
        Aponogeton capuroniEchinodorus tenellus-emergedNymphaea stellata-bulb
        Aponogeton capuroni-bulbEchinodorus tenellus-submergedNymphaea ‘Tiger lotus green’
        Aponogeton crispusEichhornia diversifoliaNymphaea ‘Tiger lotus green’-plant with bulb
        Aponogeton henkelianusEleocharis parvulusNymphaea ‘Tiger lotus green’-bulb
        Aponogeton henkelianus-bulbEleocharis viviparaNymphaea ‘Tiger lotus red’
        Aponogeton longiplumulosusEriocaulon species-submergedNymphaea ‘Tiger lotus red’-plant with bulb
        Aponogeton madagascarensisFittonia argyronantaNymphaea ‘Tiger lotus red’-bulb
        Aponogeton madagascarensis-bulbFittonia redNymphoides aquatica
        Aponogeton natansGlossostigma elatinoidesNymphoides indica
        Aponogeton natans-bulbGymnocoronis spilanthoidesNymphoides species
        Aponogeton rigidifoliusGymnocoronis spilanthoides variegatedOphiopogon jaburan
        Aponogeton stachysporusHemianthus callitrichoides on pad   Ophiopogon jaburan variegatus
        Aponogeton stachysporus-bulb see also MicranthemumOphiopogon japonica
        Aponogeton ulvaceusHemigraphis c. ‘Exotica’Ottelia ovalifolia
        Aponogeton ulvaceus-bulbHemigraphis c. ‘Exotica-narrow leaf’Peliosanthes species
        Azolla caroliniana per kgHemigraphis colorataPhysostegia purpurea
        Bacopa australis-emergedHemigraphis repandaPogostemon stellata-emerged
        Bacopa caroliniana-emergedHemigraphis speciesPogostemon stellatus ‘Broadleaf’-submerged
        Bacopa caroliniana-submergedHeteranthera dubia-submergedPolygonum amphibium
        Bacopa caroliniana variegated-submergedHeteranthera zosterfolia-emergedPolygonum pedunculare
        Bacopa lanigera-emergedHottonia palustrisPolygonum species
        Bacopa monniera-emergedHydrocharis dubiaPotamageton crispus
        Bacopa myriophylloides-submergedHydrocleis nymphaeoidesPotamageton gayi
        Barclaya longifoliaHydrocotyle leucocephalaPotamageton ‘Malainus’
        Barclaya longifolia-bulbHydrotriche hottoniifloraPotamageton octandrus
        Barclaya longifolia ‘Red form’Hygrophila angustifolia-emergedPotamageton perfoliatus
        Barclaya longifolia ‘Red form’-bulbHygrophila angustifolia-submergedProserpinaca palustris-submerged
        Blyxa alternifoliusHygrophila balsamica-submergedRanalisma rostrata-emerged
        Blyxa aubertiiHygrophila corymbosa-emergedRorippa aquatica
        Blyxa japonicaHygrophila corymbosa-submergedRotala indica-submerged
        Bolbtis heudelotiiHygrophila corymbosa var. ‘Compacta’-emergedRotala macrandra-emerged
        Bolbtis heudelotii-motherplant Hygrophila corymbosa var. ‘Compacta’-emergedRotala macrandra-submerged
        Bolbtis heteroclitaHygrophila corymbosa var. siamensis-emergedRotala macrandra ‘Green’-submerged
        Cabomba aquaticaHygrophila corymbosa var. siamensis-submergedRotala macrandra ‘Small leaf’-submerged
        Cabomba palaeformisHygrophila corymbosa var. siamensis ‘Small form’-emRotala macrandra ‘Narrow leaf’-submerged
        Cabomba piauhyensisHygrophila corymbosa var. siamensis ’Small form’-subRotala macrandra ‘Small crinkled leaf’-submerged
        Cabomba sp. ‘Silver’  Hygrophila corymbosa var. stricta-emergedRotala macrandra ‘Variegated’-submerged
        Caladium ‘Frieda Hemple’Hygrophila corymbosa var. stricta-submergedRotala najean-submerged
        Caladium humboldtii ‘White’Hygrophila difformis-emergedRotala spec. ‘Pearl’-submerged
        Cardamine lyrataHygrophila difformis-submergedRotala rotundifolia ‘Green’-submerged
        Ceratophyllum demersumHygrophila difformis special-submergedRotala wallichii-submerged
        Ceratophyllum demersum var. ‘Mexico’Hygrophila difformis ‘Variegated’-submergedRotala wallichii 'Long leaf'-submerged
        Ceratopteris siliquosa -emergedHygrophila lacustris-emerged
      • Batfish Aquatics
        Hey everybody -- We just had a very nice, big shipment of aquatic plants come in. I have these plants in stock, and they can ship USPS Priority Mail for $10,
        Message 3 of 8 , Sep 13, 2013
          Hey everybody --

          We just had a very nice, big shipment of aquatic plants come in.  I have these plants in stock, and they can ship USPS Priority Mail for $10, or at NO CHARGE with a fish order.   We'll weigh your package with the fish, figure your freight, and add the plants -- you don't pay for the plant's weight.  


          Anubias nana -- $7

          Anubias "Short and Sharp"  -- $8

          Ammania senegalensis -- $0.65

          Apon. stachysporus -- Bulbs:  $0.80.   Very nice, unusual Aponogeton with a neat leaf shape.  Super easy to grow.

          Bacopa crenata -- $0.50, 12 for $5.00

          Bacopa sp. "Cherry Top" -- $1.50.  12 for $12.00  (This is a variant of B. caroliniana, where the tips of the leaves turn VERY red when grown under good light.   Regular B. c. does this, too, but this seems to get more red)

          Cabomba aquatica -- $0.50, 12 for $5.00 (VERY tall, bright green). 

          Gratiola sp. "Red"      $0.60, 12 for $6.60 (Probably is red Limnophila aromatica).

          Hydrocotyle sibthorpioide -- $1, 12 for $10.80

          Ludwigia arcuata -- $0.60, 12 for $6.60

          L. inclinata -- $1, 12 for $10.80

          L. natans --  $1, 12 for $10.80

          L. ovalis --  $1, 12 for $10.80

          Nomophila pusillus -- $2, 12 for $20.   

          Rotala species "Red"  --  $1, 12 for $10.80

          Pictures and pricing should be on the Batfish page by Monday ... .assuming I stay awake that long. :)
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