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  • Anubias Design
    Anubias Design        Current Stocklist       anubiasdesign@yahoo.com               4/12/2010               Anabantoids & Allies    
    Message 1 of 33 , Apr 12, 2010
      Anubias Design    
      Current Stocklist   
      Anabantoids & Allies  each
      Colisa labiosaThick Lip GouramiW$8.00
      Dario darioScarlet BadisW$25/pr
      Dario darioscarlet Badis - extra malesW$3.00
      Macropodus spechtiBlack Paradise FishTR$5.00
      Parasphaerichthys ocellatusBurmese Mini Chocolate GouramiW$5.00
      Parosphromenus deissneriLicorice GouramiW$4.50
      Bettas - Bubblenesters   
      Betta coccinaWine Red BettaW$5.00
      Betta imbellisPeaceful BettaW$4.00
      Betta mahachai W$25/pr
      Betta rutilansRed BettaW$6.00
      Betta splendens W$30/pr
      Betta splendensCrowntail - femalesTR$5.00
      Polypterus delhezi8" +TR$70.00
      Polypterus delhezi8" +TR3/$175
      Polypterus endlicheri8" +TR$75.00
      Catfish - Loricariidae   
      Ancistrus sp.Rio Piria AncistrusW$12.00
      Baryancistrus begginiL239 - Blue PanaqueW$30.00
      Hypancistrus sp.L129x - Gold Line - German BredTR$25.00
      Leporacanthicus cf leopardusL114 - Red Tail Leopard Pleco (1 left)W$25.00
      Panaque nigrolineatusRoyal PlecoW$22.00
      Catfish - Others   
      Megalodoras irwini W$39.00
      Wallago leeri16"W$150.00
      Boulengerella lateristrigataStriped Pike Characin - LG (1 left)W$20.00
      Hyphessobrycon amandaeEmber TetraTR$2.00
      Hyphessobrycon flammeusGold Flame TetraTR$3.00
      Paracheirodon axelrodiCardinal Tetra - JumboW$1.75
      Petitella georgiaRummynose Tetra - LGW$2.50
      Poecilocharax weitzmaniBlack Darter Tetra - Morpho TetraW$4.00
      Cichlids - Dwarf   
      Apistogramma agassiziRed Tail - German BredTR$35/pr
      Dicrossus maculatusCheckerboard CichlidW$23.00
      Nannacara anomalaGolden Nannacara - German BredTR$9.00
      Cichlids - Others   
      Cryptoheros cutteriGerman BredTR$7.00
      Geophagus iporangensisGerman BredTR$13.00
      Geophagus sp. Rio PindareRio Pindare - German BredTR$14.00
      Tilapia ruwetiOkavango Tilapia - German BredTR$20.00
      Tilapia ruwetiOkavango Tilapia - German BredTR6/$100
      Crossocheilus sp.Indian Algae EaterW$3.50
      Devario strigilliferBamboo Danio (new import)W$6.50
      Macrognathus meklongensisMekong Peacock EelW$8.50
      Macrognathus zebrinusZebra eelW$7.00
    • wm_crash
      Hey Gerald, I ve been keeping a very low profile with fish lately. Most of my spare time is taken up by woodworking. I quit fish about 6 times in the last 2
      Message 33 of 33 , Apr 9, 2013
        Hey Gerald,

        I've been keeping a very low profile with fish lately. Most of my spare time is taken up by woodworking. I quit fish about 6 times in the last 2 years. Last time this happened, I also gave away my setup. I only have one tank left in the living room and a large one in the basement. The living room tank is reserved for Apisto Wilhelmi; the pair I bought turned out to be two females, so still searching. The basement tank is still empty. I am hoping to find a pair of Crenicichla celidochilus for that.

        wm_crash, the friendly hooligan

        --- In anubiasdesign@yahoogroups.com, Gerald Griffin <herpchat@...> wrote:
        > Long time no hear!
        > How are you doing?
        > I also wondered the same thing myself.
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