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  • Anubias Design
    Hey Gang, Let me know if you d like a price on any of these.  There are some particularly exciting things here.  The biggest one for me is wild Colisa
    Message 1 of 39 , Feb 1, 2010
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      Hey Gang,
      Let me know if you'd like a price on any of these.  There are some particularly exciting things here.  The biggest one for me is wild Colisa labiosa.  I'm convinced that the fish that have been in the hobby for years are a hybrid so I'd love the opportunity to get some wild fish.  I really hope we have enough interest this time to get a shipment in.  I'll devote tanks to keeping some of this species for myself.  I've posted a list of the bigger-growing fish on MFK this morning.  I'll also post in my vendor forum on AC and try to get the website updated today as well.  I'll also be putting up auctions on AB today.  Aquabid Radio will be airing WEdnesday night so my auctions will all close then.
      Ancistrus dolichopterus wild4-6cm
      Ancistrus dolichopterus wild6-8cm
      Ancistrus dolichopterus g.br.3-4cm
      Ancistrus dolichopterus g.br.6-8cm
      Ancistrus dolichopt.SCHLEIER4-5cm
      Ancistrus multispinis wild5-7cm
      Ancistrus sp.WHITE SEAM3-4cm
      Ancistrus sp.WHITE SEAM4-6cm
      (Cae.)Typhlonectes cf.ladigesi25-30cm
      Farlowella nattereri12-15cm
      Farlowella cf.paraguayensis12-15cm
      Hyphessobrycon amapaensis g.brmd-lg
      Hyphess.nigricinctus g.br.lg-xlg
      Hypoptopoma inexpectatum6-8cm
      Micropoec.parae melanzona REDmd
      Micropo.parae melanzona YELLOWmd
      Micropoecilia picta REDmd-lg
      Micropoecilia picta YELLOWmd-lg
      Otocinclus negrosmd-lg
      Otocinclus cf.macrospiluslg-xlg
      Poecilia salvatoris g.br.md
      Poecilocharax weitzmannimd
      Poptella orbicularis eu.br.4-5cm
      Pterobrycon myrnae g.br.md
      Rineloricaria filamentosa g.br4-6cm
      Sturisoma aureum/REAL9-12cm
      Sturisoma aureum bred8-10cm
      Sturisoma aureum bred10-12cm
      Sturisoma nigrirostrum12-15cm
      Tatia aulopygia g.br.4-5cm
      Tatia intermedia3-4cm
      Tetragonopterus argenteus3-4cm
      Lamprichthys tanganicanus g.br4-6cm
      Badis sp.buxar wildmd
      Betta cf.imbellis BLACK VIETN.lg
      Betta splend.MALE GIANT SHORT.lg
      Colisa cf.fasciata NEW wildxlg
      Colisa labiosa WILD ********md
      Danio tinwini  wildmd
      Elassoma evergladei g.br.md
      Enneacanthus chaetodon g.br.3-4cm
      Guppy CARACAS g.br.md-lg
      Guppy JAMAICA eu.br.md
      Guppy  VENEZUELA g.br.md-lg
      Guppy ENDLER bredlg
      Guppy BRAZIL g.br.md-lg
      Guppy ENDLER-GOLDmd-lg
      Guppy ENDLER-REDmd-lg
      Guppy ENDLER-SCARLETmd-lg
      Guppy TIGER-ROUNDTAIL g.br.lg
      Guppy mixed COLUMBIA wildsm-md
      Hel./Sw.MONTEZ./HOJA CAL. g.brlg-xlg
      Indostomus paradoxuslg
      Periophthalmus schlosseri4-5cm
      Paraspherichth.lineatus wild ******sm-md
      Sewellia speciosa/LAOS SUCKERlg
      Sinogastromyzon puliensismd
      Yunnanilus sp.ROSY wildmd
      Neocarid.heteropoda YELLOWmd-lg
      Neocaridina babaulti GREENmd
      Neocaridina sp.WHITE g.br.sm
      Neocaridina sp./REDTAIL-SHRIMPsm
      Neocaridina sp.BLUEsm
      Aequidens dorsigerus wild3-6cm
      Aequidens sp.ATABAPO12-15cm
      Apistogramma agassizi RED TAILlg
      Apisto.agassizi DOUBLE REDlg
      Apisto.agassizi FIRE-RED g.br.lg
      Apistogramma alacrina wildlg
      Apisto.bitaeniata kleei wildlg
      Apisto.borelli/reitzigi g.br.md-lg
      Apisto.borelli/reitzigi g.br.xlg-sh
      Apistogramma cacatuoides GOLDlg
      Apist.caca.3-fach ORANGE g.br.md-lg
      Apisto.cacatuoides DOUBLE REDmd-lg
      Apisto.cacatuoides DOUBLE REDxlg-sh
      Apistogramma caetei  XINGUmd
      Ap.elizabethae/RED BELLY g.br.lg
      Apistogramma hongsloi/RED LINElg
      Apistogramma hongsloi RED-GOLDlg
      Apistogramma juruense wildmd-lg
      Apistogramma macmasteri g.br.lg-xlg
      Apistogramma nijsseni g.br.lg
      Apistogramma cf.taeniata wildmd-lg
      Apistogramma panduro g.br.md-lg
      Apistogramma panduro g.br.xlg
      Apisto.borellii OPAL g.br.md-lg
      Apisto.baenschi (INKA I) g.br.lg
      Apisto.steindachneri g.br.lg
      Apistogramma viejitamd-lg
      Apisto.viejita FARBFORM IImd-lg
      Crenicara filamentosalg
      Crenicara filamentosalg-xlg
      Creni.(Dicros.) maculata wildlg
      Geoph.altifrons ALENQUER g.br.5-7cm
      Geophagus camopiensis g.br.4-6cm
      Geophagus sp.MAICURU4-6cm
      Geophagus papaterra g.br.4-6cm
      Krobia sp.XINGU g.br.4-6cm
      Mesonauta egregius/COLOM.wild10-15cm
      Mesonauta mirificus g.br.4-6cm
      Scalare PLATINUM g.br.md
      Scalare JAGUARmd
      Scalare GHOST ORANGE g.br.lg
      Sc.GHOST ORANGE RED HEAD g.br.lg
      Scalare RED DEVIL g.br.md-lg
      Scalare leopoldi/REDSPOTS PERUmd-lg
      Scalare leopoldi/REDSPOTS PERUlg
      Scalare sp.RED BACK  g.br.md
      Scalare sp.RED BACK  g.br.lg
      Discus wild ALENQUER INANU12-15cm
      Discus wild ROSE/NHAMUNDA RIV.15cm up
      Discus wild BROWN/CAMETA12-15cm
      Discus wild URUCARA-ROSE12-15cm
      Discus wild BROWN/TUCURUI
    • bluekafka@aol.com
      Hi Carol, The history of these two species has been muddled but they are not color variants. They are in fact two species. N. mortenthaleri, aka the Coral
      Message 39 of 39 , Feb 3, 2010
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        Hi Carol,

        The history of these two species has been muddled but they are not color variants. They are in fact two species. N. mortenthaleri, aka  the Coral Red Pencilfish (when first imported some importers labelled it the 'Red Arc' pencilfish) was first described as a  N. marginatus mortenthaleri, a subspecies,  by Paepke and Arendt. Shortly after that Stan Weitzman 'elevated' it to an actual species based on his analysis and that designation, N. mortenthaleri, remains. When the fish we now know as N. rubrocaudatus, aka the Purple Pencilfish, was first discovered it was labelled 'Coral Red type 2'. Last year Zarske's description was published in which he named the fish N. rubrocaudatus. This species became the 17th Nannostomus species to be decribed since Gunther erected the genus in 1872 with N. beckfordi as the type species.

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