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  • Anubias Design
    Sep 20 8:44 AM
      Hey Gang,
      I have the following plants in stock and available for shipping next week.  Please email me offlist at anubiasdesign@... if you'd like to order.
      Alternanthera lilacina$0.65
      Ammannia spec. ‘Bonsai’$0.65
      Anubias heterophylla$7.00
      Aponogeton henkelianus-bulb$9.00
      Azolla caroliniana - portion$3.00
      Bacopa amplexicaulis$1.00
      Bacopa caroliniana variegated-submerged$0.95
      Bacopa lanigera$1.00
      Blyxa aubertii sp. 'Red'$3.00
      Bolbitis asiatica$4.50
      Cardamine lyrata$1.00
      Ceratopteris siliquosa -emerged$0.80
      Crinum thaianum$8.00
      Cryptocoryne balansae$2.50
      Cryptocoryne petchii$2.00
      Cryptocoryne wendtii brown - pot$7.00
      Echinodorus bleheri large$3.50
      Echinodorus ozelot$10.00
      Echinodorus tenellus$1.00
      Echinodorus xingu$1.00
      Elodea najas$0.70
      Hydrocotyle leucocephala$1.00
      Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides variegata$1.00
      Hygrophila corymbosa var. ‘Compacta’-emerged$0.80
      Hygrophila corymbosa var. stricta-emerged$1.00
      Hygrophila difformis ‘Variegated’-submerged$1.50
      Hygrophila difformis 'Narrow leaf'$2.50
      Hygrophila salicifolia ‘Long form’$0.80
      Ludwigia spec. “Cuba”-submerged$1.10
      Mayaca fluviatilis$1.00
      Microsorium pteropus (L)$4.75
      Microsorium pteropus-motherplant$25.00
      Microsorium pteropus 'narrow'$3.75
      Myriophyllum dicrocum-submerged$1.10
      Najas Indica$0.50
      Nymphaea micrantha$4.00
      Nymphaea rubra -  bulb$3.75
      Nymphaea ‘Tiger lotus red’-bulb$6.50
      Rotala indica-submerged$0.50
      Rotala macrandra-submerged$1.10
      Sagittaria pusillus$1.00
      Sagittaria subulata$1.30
      Vallisneria spiralis (torta)$0.80
      Vallisneria spiralis ‘Tortifolia’ (corkscrew)$0.80
      Vallisneria sprialis ‘Leopard’$1.50
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