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5355Adrian Stanciu: Irrational Decision Making Masterclass, June 24th, 2014, 19:00, 30 lei, MSM Romania

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  • Olivian Breda
    Jun 18, 2014

      Adrian Stanciu: Irrational Decision Making Masterclass, June 24th, 19:00, Maastricht School of Management Romania, 30 lei. http://olivian.ro/irrational-decisions/

      If you come to an MBA, any MBA, a lot of the things that you will learn will be based on a fundamental assumption: that people are perfect rationalizing agents. The whole economic theory, from macro-economy to HR management assumes that we all, in the vast majority of situations, make decisions that rationally and systematically maximize our personal interest. Capitalism itself is based on the assumption that the driving force of human motivation is selfishness, the perpetual chase for personal betterment.

      Now, I have asked this question to thousands of people: do you think this assumption is true? The overwhelming answer is "NO". We all know that this is not how we function. In some areas it is not even how we aspire to function. Do you want to be loved by someone who will present you with an Excel file with factors for endearment and factors for rejection, all weighted according to their importance, and declare their love based on a cost/benefit analysis? Or, more generally, do you help people in need based on the expectation that they will someday pay you back with interest? Or is this the way you think people should look at helping each other?

      Registration: andra (AT) msmromania (DOT) org

      See you there!




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