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844Re: [Antonin Artaud] There Is No More Firmament

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  • en attendant blinko
    Oct 30, 2007
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      do you know what volume of the ouvres completes it is
      in? i just looked but couldnt tell from a quick skim
      of the contents where it was. if you do I will be
      happy to scan it for you. that will at least give you
      the french.
      --- Kaivalya August Mark Thomas Jude Pierre Francis
      Smith-Arcarese <highmonkeymonk@...>

      > I am trying to find the text of There Is No More
      > Firmament ideally in
      > English AND French, and having very little luck
      > locating it. Can
      > anyone please help point me the right direction to
      > find this play?

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