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  • arnaudh
    May 1, 2007
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      Dear Antonin Artaud fans,

      As some of you may have noticed, this group was over the past few
      months rendered almost unusable due to a very annoying flood of spam.
      Since the spam filtering option doesn't seem to work, all posts will
      now be moderated.

      This will not affect the group in a negative manner. It just means
      that from now on, the moderator of the group will be notified whenever
      a new message is submitted, and will have to take action to have it
      posted, or, in the case of spam, deleted. Messages will be approved or
      rejected within 24 hours of submission.

      I also recently started cleaning up the archives in this group,
      removing spam and banning the offending posters.

      Finally, I am currently working on a complete revamp of the Antonin
      Artaud website at http://www.antoninartaud.org

      The website was started over a decade ago, and has seen little change
      and very little additional content since. I have been an absentee
      landlord for way too long, and I've decided to finally give that
      website the attention it deserves.

      The site will be switching to a new hosting provider but will remain
      at the same URL. It will probably be using WordPress to manage
      content. If some of you are interested in becoming writers/editors for
      the site (in English, French or another language), please let me know.

      Also, I'm considering opening a forum on the site, which could make
      this mailing list redondant.

      Finally, the bibliography section needs a serious overhaul. I am also
      looking for texts and essays about Antonin Artaud.

      Please send your ideas, suggestions and contributions to


      Arnaud Hubert
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