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Re: C Style comments (Never mind!)

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  • Zhen Liu
    Found the answer in Terence s book. Thanks for the attention. Eric Liu
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 1998
      Found the answer in Terence's book. Thanks for the attention.

      Eric Liu

      On Thursday, October 29, 1998 10:23 AM, Zhen Liu [SMTP:ericliu@...] wrote:
      > From: Zhen Liu <ericliu@...>
      > This question might have been discussed before. But I could not find one
      > in the archive. So, if someone can give me a quick direction, I would
      > very much appreciate.
      > Problem: how to describe a token in PCCTS for C style comments?
      > Note: not a "rule", but a "token".
      > In LEX/YACC: We can handle it with "state" concept, such as,
      > <INITIAL>"/*" { BEGIN COMMENT; }
      > <COMMENT>"*/" {BEGIN INITIAL; }
      > <COMMENT>.|\n ;
      > Does PCCTS have the same concept?
      > Of course, I can make a rule for the comments. But does it make
      > more sense of treating the comments as tokens rather than rules?
      > Thanks.
      > Eric Liu
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