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Re: [antlr-interest] Solaris

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  • Ric Klaren
    Hi, ... 2.7.2a4 = alpha release... ... Hmm strange. No problems here on solaris. Which make are you using? GNU Make 3.79.1 works perfectly here. ... There s a
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 1, 2002
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      On Thu, Oct 31, 2002 at 04:19:29PM -0000, elias_biris wrote:
      > I have tried recently to build antlr on Solaris (5.7) using gcc
      > (2.95.2 19991024) and jdk 1.3.1. In summary I think that the build
      > process needs to be addressed asap and at the least to be documented
      > properly. I get all sorts of problems, listed below:

      2.7.2a4 => alpha release...

      > 1- version 2.7.2a4. All seemed to build ok apart from the make install
      > part which fails with an error related to actions of the install-sh
      > script. For instance, the jars are all placed on the top level
      > directory and make gets confused when trying to call
      > '../scripts/install-sh' to put the jars to the designated directory,
      > when it should instead call ./scripts/install-sh

      Hmm strange. No problems here on solaris. Which make are you using? GNU
      Make 3.79.1 works perfectly here.

      > Also if you dare do a 'make clean' at any point you loose the jars and
      > subsequent make falls over.

      There's a bootstrap rule for that. Usually I have an antlrall.jar in a safe
      spot for boostrapping. Clean is clean. Common problem with compilers/tools
      that are used to build themselves.

      > For the existence of the jars themselves, I found the process a bit
      > confusing: when I untarred the tarball, there was an antlr.jar at the
      > top level directory but subsequent invocations (through the
      > out-of-box) Makefile to
      > java -cp /user/ebiris/installs/antlr-2.7.2a2/antlrall.jar antlr.Tool
      > antlr.g
      > falls over, since the antlrall.jar is not there. I had to issue a
      > mkalljar first to get the jar, and then make would proceed.

      Looks like packaging problem. Think the distro should contain antlrall.jar.
      Well it's easily build usually.

      > Also checking in the accompanying install.html does not help much...

      Aye it's hopelessly outdated.

      > I hope someone can enlighten me about the compilation errors above ...
      > I will try to patch things up but the process for antlr.jar and
      > antlrall.jar construction is not very clear to me.

      Two ways basically. Use the makefiles and have some stuff done
      automatically. Note that makes in subdirectories work (handy if you only
      want to rebuild C++ part)

      Or use the 'old' build/mkxxjar scripts and do some stuff like make install

      All minor glitches so far.


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