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RE: [antlr-interest] single identifier as java expression

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  • mzukowski@bco.com
    So then if the follow set is wrong narrow the java grammar down to just what you need--expressions. If it isn t wrong then I m blowin smoke. In that case
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      RE: [antlr-interest] single identifier as java expression

      So then if the follow set is wrong narrow the java grammar down to just what you need--expressions.  If it isn't wrong then I'm blowin smoke.  In that case post the code that's throwing the exception.


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      First figure out if the follow set is correct.  Look at the generated code for expression() and castExpression() and see if they allow EOF as LA(2).  Add this parser option:

              codeGenBitsetTestThreshold = 99999;
      That will prevent bitsets from being generated and make it easier to tell what is expected.
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      > Subject: [antlr-interest] single identifier as java expression
      > i'm writing a java macro system (called JSE) that utilizes ANTLR for
      > it's lexer and constraint-based pattern matching.  in particular,
      > ANTLR is used to say whether a stream of tokens is admissable as a
      > particular non-terminal constraint (e.g., expression).  unfortunately,
      > i'm having trouble getting this to work with ANTLR and its
      > accompanying java grammar.  
      > i've got a very simple example of where things go wrong.  i took the
      > java example from 2.6.0/examples/java and modified it to behave as i
      > would like it to in my macro system.  i modified Main.java as follows:
      >                       // start parsing at the compilationUnit rule
      >                       // parser.compilationUnit();
      >                       parser.expression();
      > to get the top level to try to parse simply an expression.  and then
      > fed it a file called exp.java with one identifier in it (fragments).
      > the following is the error:
      >   jrb@oroboros>java Main exp.java
      >   Parsing...
      >      /home/ai/jrb/jse/antlr-2.6.0/examples/java/exp.java
      >   parser exception: line(1), unexpected token: fragments
      >   line(1), unexpected token: fragments
      >         at JavaRecognizer.castExpression(JavaRecognizer.java:4044)
      >         at
      > JavaRecognizer.multiplicativeExpression(JavaRecognizer.java:3762)
      >         at JavaRecognizer.additiveExpression(JavaRecognizer.java:3705)
      >         at JavaRecognizer.shiftExpression(JavaRecognizer.java:3638)
      >         at
      > JavaRecognizer.relationalExpression(JavaRecognizer.java:3561)
      >         at JavaRecognizer.equalityExpression(JavaRecognizer.java:3504)
      >         at JavaRecognizer.andExpression(JavaRecognizer.java:3469)
      >         at
      > JavaRecognizer.exclusiveOrExpression(JavaRecognizer.java:3434)
      >         at
      > JavaRecognizer.inclusiveOrExpression(JavaRecognizer.java:3399)
      >         at
      > JavaRecognizer.logicalAndExpression(JavaRecognizer.java:3364)
      >         at
      > JavaRecognizer.logicalOrExpression(JavaRecognizer.java:3329)
      >         at
      > JavaRecognizer.conditionalExpression(JavaRecognizer.java:3265)
      >         at
      > JavaRecognizer.assignmentExpression(JavaRecognizer.java:3087)
      >         at JavaRecognizer.expression(JavaRecognizer.java:1966)
      >         at Main.parseFile(Main.java:70)
      >         at Main.doFile(Main.java:54)
      >         at Main.main(Main.java:25)
      > now the castExpression seems to allow for a single identifier by
      > having an postfixExpression followed by an optional instanceof suffix,
      > where a postfixExpression can be a primaryExpression, which can in
      > turn be an IDENT.  perhaps this has something to do with eof handling
      > etc but i'm not sure exactly how to coax ANTLR into accepting a single
      > identifier as an expression.  btw, i tried this in the latest version
      > of ANTLR also without luck. 
      > any help would be greatly appreciated.
      > jonathan bachrach

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