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Re: How much use is ANTLR for manipulating ASTs?

Hi IMHO, if 'manipulation' means mutating some nodes (text, type, etc), either one is fine. Our code base is now over 40k+ lines and we had to write just
Akhilesh Mritunjai
Jun 19, 2005


Hi Peggy, the basic answer is "no" as far as I know. But that's not really a problem as you can easily accept UTF-8 input by writing a Lexer that accepts UTF-8
Martin Probst
Jan 24, 2005


What is the state of UNICODE support for ANTLR C++ mode? I need to support UNICODE input. Is there a patch I can apply? Thanks. Peggy
Peggy Fieland
Jan 24, 2005

problems with label

Hello, My grammer accepts keywords as a identifier. So I use the following identifier rule in parser. id returns [_return_type *idObj] { // initialized code }
Krishanu Debnath
Jan 17, 2005

Re: Compiling with 2.7.4; running with 2.7.2

On Friday 10 December 2004 07:38, lgcraymer wrote: [snip] ... I've was thinking the same until I remembered my mud'ing days. Whenever there wasn't a programmed
    Torkild Ulvøy Resheim
    Jan 16, 2005
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    ok, ANTLR interest list has MOVED!

    Folks, I've mass subscribed you to the new list. To post to this list, send your email to: antlr-interest@... General information about the mailing list
    Terence Parr
    Dec 20, 2004

    Re: spoke to soon: gmane sucks. period.

    ... It's ALMOST ready; just about got the admin pages tunneled properly thru the www.antlr.org site. By the end of the day I hope. Then I spider it and
    Terence Parr
    Dec 20, 2004

    Re: spoke to soon: gmane sucks. period.

    ... I think they have a forwarding account subscribed or something similar. It should be listed on their site I guess. ... Yes. Unless you add some specific
    Ric Klaren
    Dec 20, 2004

    Re: spoke to soon: gmane sucks. period.

    ... 1) Hi, please can someone tell me - how gmane and yahoo-groups are working together ? I quite don't understand that, because gmane clearly is not able to
    Dec 20, 2004

    StringTemplate 2.1 release candidate 1

    Howdy folk, Get it while it's hot! Should be fully backward compatible for 99% of people. Only issue might be some newlines get stripped after some more tags
    Terence Parr
    Dec 20, 2004

    new antlr.org box running

    Howdy, Looks like new antlr.org box is up. Faster box and much faster bandwidth. Also, here are some "Evolution of StringTemplate" slides from my Berkeley
    Terence Parr
    Dec 19, 2004

    simple treewalker newbie questions

    Howdy, I have finally figured out the grammar for a simple language I was given to translate into java. I have the lexer and parser, I am setting the function
    John MccLain
    Dec 17, 2004

    Re: spoke to soon: gmane sucks. period.

    ... I will have all the archives up in mailmain shortly so we should in better shape... Ter -- CS Professor & Grad Director, University of San Francisco
    Terence Parr
    Dec 16, 2004

    Re: C++ file timestamps and makefiles

    ... It probably would work - I have to set up a custom build rule in the VC project for any .g files included in the project. That build rule can contain any
    Stuart Dootson
    Dec 16, 2004

    Re: BNF transformation

    Hi, If you look through the archives you'll find a posting by me which contains an attached XSL stylesheet which transforms ANTLR's SGML docbook output to
    Martin Probst
    Dec 16, 2004
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