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930Re: Yet another proposal

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  • schen@xxxxxxxxxx.xxxx
    Nov 1, 1999
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      Hi everyone,

      On Mon, 1 Nov 1999 parrt@... wrote:

      > Michael Schmitt writes:
      > >
      > >For that reason, I propose to provide an options that puts all necessary
      > >(C++) files in the target directory automatically.
      > Has he not heard of a jar file? Either jar up all of the .class files
      > or use the antlr.jar (that I usually have filled with all run .class).

      Er, Ter, he's talking about C++ files here, not Java.

      But speaking of Java, anyone know what are the MINIMAL set of classes
      needed to run an Antlr-based parser? (with lexer and without
      tree-walking). I've managed to get it down to a 215k jar but that's still
      a lot to me.

      . . . Sean.
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