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927Yet another proposal

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  • parrt@xxxxx.xxxx
    Nov 1, 1999
      Michael Schmitt writes:
      >From: Michael Schmitt <schmitt@...-luebeck.de>
      >yesterday I presented ANTLR to one of my friends who is also one of the
      >major developers of KDE, the wonderful desktop environment for Linux.
      >I tought I had convinced him that ANTLR is superior to YACC which is
      >still widespread. But then he pointed out a little details that makes
      >ANTLR unusable in a project like KDE in which a lot of people are
      >involved: Whereas YACC produces "complete" code, the code generated by
      >ANTLR requires some additional files. Of course, all needed files are
      >included in the ANTLR distribution but ANTLR may not be accessible to
      >all project members. This seems to be a minor problem but actually it
      >stops him from using ANTLR.
      >For that reason, I propose to provide an options that puts all necessary
      >(C++) files in the target directory automatically.

      Has he not heard of a jar file? Either jar up all of the .class files
      or use the antlr.jar (that I usually have filled with all run .class).

      He probably won't use Java because the .class files are in the jdk
      directory not his ;)

      Pretty lame excuse. Introduce him to jar and *then* antlr. ;)

      Death to yacc! Love live ANTLR! :)

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