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926Yet another proposal

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  • Michael Schmitt
    Nov 1, 1999

      yesterday I presented ANTLR to one of my friends who is also one of the
      major developers of KDE, the wonderful desktop environment for Linux.

      I tought I had convinced him that ANTLR is superior to YACC which is
      still widespread. But then he pointed out a little details that makes
      ANTLR unusable in a project like KDE in which a lot of people are
      involved: Whereas YACC produces "complete" code, the code generated by
      ANTLR requires some additional files. Of course, all needed files are
      included in the ANTLR distribution but ANTLR may not be accessible to
      all project members. This seems to be a minor problem but actually it
      stops him from using ANTLR.

      For that reason, I propose to provide an options that puts all necessary
      (C++) files in the target directory automatically.

      Kind regards,


      Michael Schmitt phone: +49 451 500 3725
      Institute for Telematics secretary: +49 451 500 3721
      Medical University of Luebeck fax: +49 451 500 3722
      Ratzeburger Allee 160 eMail: schmitt@...-luebeck.de
      D-23538 Luebeck, Germany WWW: http://www.itm.mu-luebeck.de
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