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7905Treewalking : non-determinism error

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  • Anthony Youngman
    Apr 1, 2003
      Treewalking : non-determinism error

      I think I know what the problem is, I just don't know how to fix it ...

      In my main parser, I have the following two rules:

      printst : (pr:"PRINT"^ expr (COLONPRINT)? {System.out.println(pr+" print ");} );
      expr : ( catexpr | logicexpr ) ;

      This seems to be fine - the traces are printing what I expect.

      In my treewalker I then have the rule:

              : #(PRINT expr COLONPRINT) {System.out.println("PRNT");}
              | #(PRINT expr) {System.out.println("OUTP");}

      which is giving me a non-determinism error. What I think is happening is that "expr" is being expanded, thus confusing the parser. What I think I need to do is to declare a token "EXPR", and make this the root of an "expr" AST in my main parser, so my two options in the treewalker become "PRINT EXPR COLONPRINT" and "PRINT EXPR".

      So. Am I right? And if so, what should my syntax for the "expr" rule in the main parser become? I've looked at the Tree Construction man page, and Ashley Mills tutorial, and I can't quite get to grips with it. I presume I need something like

      expr! : ( catexpr | logicexpr ) {#expr = #([EXPR], #expr); } ;

      Will this create a root of EXPR with a daughter of catexpr or logicexpr?


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