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5287Re: [antlr-interest] Parser performance - newbie question.

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  • Remus Pereni
    Apr 1, 2002
      Hello praveen_c,

      Monday, April 01, 2002, 11:54:10 AM, you wrote:

      p> Hi,

      p> I'm new to the world of Parser Generators/Lexers. I just learned
      p> about what ANTLR and JavaCC can do and I'm pretty excited about 'em.
      p> While I don't have a complete understanding of what these tools can
      p> do, I do have the following questions.

      Yes it is exactly what you need then !

      p> I'm trying to write a parser that recognizes specials tags in a HTML
      p> template at runtime( in a J2EE server ). Would a parser generated
      p> from ANTLR or JavaCC offer acceptable performance when used to parse
      p> HTML templates at runtime? My gut feeling is that I can handcode a
      p> parser that offers better performance that the generated parser. I
      p> think I can optimize it better for my needs. Is that a right
      p> approach? I know when it comes to extensibility, I'll loose. But I'm
      p> willing take that risk.

      While I have no doubt that you could write your own parser it is not
      worth the effort. From my experience what ANTLR generates it is
      quite fast ( I had no concerns at all about the speed of
      the lexer/parser/tree walker and I've done a full blown oo scripting

      Anyhow I believe there will be very small difference in
      speed between your hand coded parser and an antlr generated one and
      your time would be a lot more well spent if you go with antlr and
      use the saved time to work on caching ;)

      I work with anltr for almost a year now and I have the most positive
      feelings about it. It is an excellent tool, thank you guys!

      p> Thanks in advance for any responses.

      p> -Praveen.

      Best regards,
      Remus Pereni mailto:remus@...
      http://neuro.nolimits.ro http://mappa.mundi.net/spacemapper
      http://www.nolimits.ro http://rue.nolimits.ro
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