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4819Re: [antlr-interest] Re: More VC++ 6 Confusion (MFC libs)

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  • Terence Parr
    Jan 1, 2002
      On Tuesday, January 1, 2002, at 10:02 AM, kemmerzehl wrote:

      > The problem I had was actually incredibly simple, and I do feel a
      > little silly now. The project files JSRS posted were using the single
      > thread runtime libraries to build the antlr lib, and this was fine
      > for projects NOT using MFC because by default they are also use the
      > single thread runtime libraries. When I create a project with MFC
      > support, however, it switches to using the multi thread runtime
      > libraries. Trying to link these with the single threaded antlr
      > library was causing all sorts of compatibility problems. Building
      > another set of the antlr libs using the /MT and /MTd (instead of /ML
      > and /MLd) flags to link with projects using the multithreaded runtime
      > libraries solved the problem.
      > Simple.
      > ..and luckily i didnt rip ALL of my hair out.

      Can anybody summarize the changes to the FAQ I should make?


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