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2683Re: Re: Error reporting - Complete patch for 2.7.1

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  • Michael Schmitt
    Oct 2, 2000
      Robert Colquhoun wrote:

      > Sorry for the dumb question - but i was looking at your patch and you seem
      > to have removed customizable error reporting from the exceptions....What
      > happens if i don't want line + column number reporting in the exception output?

      Well, for the moment, the output is fixed. But it should be fairly simple to
      make it customizable.

      You only have to replace the calls to "getFileLineColumnString()" in
      'RecognitionException.java/cpp' by calls to another method. Then at the same
      time you can delete the method above which becomes superfluent.

      One thing I am not very happy about it the fact that there are too many
      different functions for reporting errors and warnings, as you can see when
      running ANTLR itself.

      I would appreciate it very much if you clean up the existing code (both Java
      and C++) in a way that there is only one method (or maybe two) for reporting
      errors and warnings. I would have done it by myself but my ressources are
      limited (ANTLR is just a meta problem for me).

      Nevertheless, I think my patch is a first small step in the right direction and
      I would like to see it taken into the source code repository because other
      motivated ANTLR developers start turning everyhting inside out :-)

      Kind regards,


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