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2682Re: [antlr-interest] Re: Error reporting - Complete patch for 2.7.1

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  • Terence Parr
    Oct 3, 2000
      Monday, October 02, 2000, Michael Schmitt hath spoken:
      >> Remember how often I said that =) (Not that this patch caused any trouble
      >> of course (yet ;) ) just saying that I've grown a little suspicious of
      >> small patches that really don't change anything even if I made them myself)

      > That is probably the reason why the patch is not in 2.7.1. Of course, I am a
      > little bit sad about that.

      First rule of releasing software: release it ;) Doing last minute
      patches is very dangerous and as you saw the "one last patch"
      stretched 2.7.1 for a few months! ;)

      > But if I remember correctly, Terence offered to
      > release 2.7.2a1, didn't he!?

      You bet! I need to actually turn on my brain though for the exception

      BTW, I actually prefer full files not changes. I have tkdiff, which
      does a great job of telling me the changes whereas patch just says
      "uh, i can't apply the patch" when my files change. Inevitably my
      files will change before I can get to the patch ;)

      >> Shall I include the C++ changes of this patch? Or you do all?

      > I hope the patch will be put into the source repository as soon as possible
      > because you can image I would not like to inspect it another times. Please
      > note that there are also changes in the Java classes (this was said to be a
      > prerequisite for code merging)

      Ric, how about you freshen your dev branch and apply Michael's changes
      to check it out. Then I can take a look at the Java part etc...

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      Co-founder, http://www.NoWebPatents.org -- Stop Patent Stupidity
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