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2671Re: Error reporting - Complete patch for 2.7.1

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  • Ric Klaren
    Oct 2, 2000
      schmitt@...-luebeck.de on Sat, Sep 30, 2000 at 06:28:31PM +0200


      On Sat, Sep 30, 2000 at 06:28:31PM +0200, Michael Schmitt wrote:
      I finally managed to complete the patch for improved error reporting.
      Parsers generated by ANTLR (based on Java and C++) will report errors with
      filename, line and column information now. The output format is chosen in
      a way that (x)emacs directly jumps to the erroneous file (at the right
      line/column) if you click on the error message.

      Great patch :) Allows me too strike exception class rework from the Todo
      list :)

      You can install the patches very easily:

      When it comes to patches I (personally) prefer diffs it is a lot easier to
      see what really changes with those. Preferably diff -uwbBpPr oldir/ newdir/.

      Which leads up to my question:

      @@ -1284,21 +1280,9 @@ public class JavaCodeGenerator extends C
      // It is a token or literal reference. Generate the
      // correct variable type for this grammar
      println(labeledElementType + " " + a.getLabel() + " = "$
      - // In addition, generate *_AST variables if
      - // building ASTs
      + // In addition, generate *_AST variables if building AS$
      if (grammar.buildAST) {
      - if (a instanceof GrammarAtom &&
      - ((GrammarAtom)a).getASTNodeType()!=null ) {
      - GrammarAtom ga = (GrammarAtom)a;
      - println(ga.getASTNodeType()+" " +
      - a.getLabel() +
      - "_AST = null;");
      - }
      - else {
      - println(labeledElementASTType+" " +
      - a.getLabel() +
      - "_AST = null;");
      - }
      + println(labeledElementASTType+" " + a.getLabel() + $

      Is this a change you made to the JavaCodegenerator, Michael, or? ('-'
      prefixed lines are the antlr code disappearing the '+' prefixed lines are
      the ones introduced by you) Just checking....

      Rest of the patch looks fine!

      > I would be very grateful if some guys could test the patch. The changes
      > are pretty simple and should not cause any new problem.

      Remember how often I said that =) (Not that this patch caused any trouble
      of course (yet ;) ) just saying that I've grown a little suspicious of
      small patches that really don't change anything even if I made them myself)

      BTW Terence. How is development going to continue? In the main branch?
      Shall I include the C++ changes of this patch? Or you do all?

      BTW2 Unicode support is not working in C++ mode this could be stated in the
      2.7.1 docs. If I recall right. This will need some changes to the support
      classes. The lexer and probably also Parser/TreeParser need to be
      templatized with the character type used (wchar_t for unicode) to make this

      BTW3 The website does not mention 2.7.1, yet...

      -- Ric Klaren - klaren@... ------------------------------------------
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      of course, we ... that is ... well, yes, in fact,' said Ponder. 'Adrian
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      technical way,' he added. --- From: Hogfather by Terry Pratchett.
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