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1802Re: New namespaceStd/Antlr feature

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  • Ric Klaren
    Jun 2, 2000

      On Thu, Jun 01, 2000 at 12:00:38PM +0200, Michael Schmitt wrote:
      > Ric, could you please check whether a namespace declaration ends with
      > "::"? If not, add '::' automatically. (As you can see from the former
      > example, these "::" are a real pitfall :-))

      And make it userfriendly? tsss ;)

      I'll do that as soon as I finish this template stuff for the C++ code (or
      when I decide it's too major a PITA, last week I said it was nearly
      finished.. but now I'm not very enthusiastic about finishing it (without a
      frontal lobotomy to the stuff in lib/cpp))

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