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14630Re: [antlr-interest] How much use is ANTLR for manipulating ASTs?

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  • Akhilesh Mritunjai
    Jun 19, 2005

      IMHO, if 'manipulation' means mutating some nodes
      (text, type, etc), either one is fine. Our code base
      is now over 40k+ lines and we had to write just around
      25% of it by hand thanks to tree parser. Writing a
      tree walker by hand introduces huge pains later if
      you're dealing with a rather painful language (like
      we're doing right now) and you need to modify the
      grammar file mid way into project.

      Now the real problem is when there's a need to
      add/remove nodes. The language we're dealing with
      allows forward references, functionally same code
      written in two styles and other stinky stuff and so
      during the multiple passes, we change the tree a LOT.
      The real handcap that we have right now is that there
      is no easy way in treewalker or anything else that
      permits easily adding/removing nodes from a tree.
      After even months of pondering I've failed to come up
      with a design that can reduce stress on my small team.
      Here are somethings that I can recall at 5AM now:

      Doubly linked siblings: Must take GREAT care while
      removing anything. Also need specialized factory code,
      and at loss if the node to be added/removed is first

      Vectors etc for children: Increses memory consumption
      and every node or something else must keep track of
      parent of node being processed.

      - akhilesh
      PS: memory consumption *is* an issue... we expect to
      have 100M-1B nodes while processing advertised
      capacity inputs!! No, I'm not kidding.

      --- Andy Tripp <atripp@...> wrote:

      > >lex/yacc). Writing this code has got me thinking
      > about what exactly
      > >ANTLR is buying me.
      > >

      > After all that, you know my opinion: if you've
      > already got an AST, just
      > write a little code
      > to walk it. Embedding your actions in an ANTLR
      > treewalker won't buy you
      > anything, IMO.
      > Andy

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