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14622Re: spoke to soon: gmane sucks. period.

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  • firstn_lastname
    Dec 20, 2004
      > I will have all the archives up in mailmain shortly so we should in
      > better shape...

      1) Hi, please can someone tell me - how gmane and yahoo-groups
      are working together ?
      I quite don't understand that, because gmane clearly
      is not able to feed itself with yahoo-groups.

      2) If I post to that antlr-interest@yahoogroups.com, will it arive
      into gmane ?
      You all seem to post to some <<antlr-interest-hHKSG33TihhbjbujkaE4pw
      at public dot gmane dot org>>, but this address is not mentioned
      anywhere ( on antlr site ). Or does yahoo .forward those messages
      to gmane ?? Please can you tell me ?

      3) You do not need to spider gmane ( gmane has export ),
      If you just wanna TRY it - go with 2190/2199.
      it's not tgz, its long plain mbox.

      4) but you need to spider yahoo ( I don't know currently hope I'm
      wrong ).
      But gmane seem to have lot less messages then yahoo.
      You seem to switch somewhen at Jun-2004 ??

      5) like to know, what are you going to do switch at now ?
      to that groups-beta.google.com
      I don't say google is bad ( didn't try it ), I just like to know.

      Cheers, Suk
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