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14620new antlr.org box running

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  • Terence Parr
    Dec 19, 2004

      Looks like new antlr.org box is up. Faster box and much faster

      Also, here are some "Evolution of StringTemplate" slides from my
      Berkeley talk:


      might be of interest to you.

      I have the new mailing list up and ready (antlr.org tunnels to it so
      everything looks like antlr.org even though it's apache running on
      8080), but I need to get the sys admin to fix the links in the
      generated html...it's the apache URL not the antlr.org URL. It has
      succesfully sucked in the 3 years of antlr-interest, but the links are
      screwed up as I say. Should be monday and then I'll mass subscribe
      everybody on the old list to the new one and turn off the yahoo groups.

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