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14399Re: [antlr-interest] Bug in ANTLR C# implementation

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  • Ric Klaren
    Dec 1, 2004

      On Wed, 1 Dec 2004 10:48:12 +0100, Maassen, H.A.M.
      <h.a.m.maassen@...> wrote:
      > Well I've found out why I couldn't get any tree-rewriting actions to work - it seems to be a bug in the C# version of the (generated) treeparser.
      > The treeparser's method initializeASTFactory is never called. After manually adding a call to initializeASTFactory(getASTFactory()) in the treeparser the problems have been fixed.

      This is actually also default practice in C++ mode. So not sure if
      it's a bug, or a case of bad documentation. Furthermore it's not
      always a simple matter which factory should be used, at least in C++
      you have to make sure you share the factory over the various
      treeparsers you have to prevent 'funny' behaviour..


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