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11499Re: [antlr-interest] Re: ANTLR and .NET

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  • Mohad Nur
    Apr 2 8:00 AM

      --- In antlr-interest@yahoogroups.com, micheal_jor wrote:

      --- In antlr-interest@yahoogroups.com, Mohad Nur wrote:
      > Hi,
      > A newbie in both...........sorry. I want to use antlr with J# from .net.

      1. Do you mean you want to build the ANTLR tool using J#?


      2. Do you mean that you want to use J# as the implementation language
      for a project that uses ANTLR to build Lexer(s)/Parser(s)/TreeParser(s)?



      Thanks for the help. What i actually wanted to do was just have the opportunity to put a break point in my ANTLR generated parser and follow it as it goes and thats why i am using the .net IDE. I have been able to do that but i am sure there is an easier way of doing it. I created a folder in the project and copied all the antlr 2.7.2 files even those that are not needed and then built it and it worked. Of course i cant filter only the classes that are needed. So what i want to do is to add a reference or something to where ANTLR resides so that .net will know where to find the files.


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